Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Whilst not the most exciting of yoga poses, Tadasana or Mountain Pose is simple and un-technical. For that reason – ego – most yoga practitioners ignore or pass over this pose. It is a basic posture from which one can move into other poses from.

Tada means a mountain. sama means upright, straight and unmoving – like a mountain! Mountain pose conjures up a pose where one is tall, erect, firm and sturdy.

Joseph Pilates complained that we don not pay enough attention to the correct posture, even from standing correctly. When standing in line do you tend to shift your weight over to one hip or leg?

Through not standing correctly we shift our body weight and centre of mass, causing issues in our spine, not to mention faulty muscle recruitment and bad posture.

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Technique – Tadasana

  • Stand tall with feet, heels and big toes together.
  • tighten the knees (pulling knee caps up)
  • keep stomach in chest lifted long neck, chin up
  • weight evenly distributed between each foot and the weight on each foot over the mid foot (not toes or heels)
  • arms by the side of the body
  • shoulders pulled back and down
  • The head should not be jutting forward


One can visualise being rooted to mother Earth, as you lengthen from the Crown chakra up towards the Heavens.

Precautions – Tadasana

Do not hyper extend the knees. This may be beyond your control, especially for those with equines foot, where the shape of the foot results in the hips being thrown forward and the knees to hyperextend. In this instance have a slight bend in the knees – or ‘soft knees’.

Some may have balance, low blood pressure and or dizziness issues. Consider performing this pose next to a wall.

Meditation – in Tadasana

So one can if one chooses to use the pose for grounding, to connect with mother earth. This was a position taken with the Jainists traditionally known as Jain Dharma, (an ancient Indian religion). From a more yoga perspective one may wish to meditate and focus more internally. In the ancient Indian text – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra:-

12 “When on a bed or a seat let yourself become weightless, beyond mind”

Some find that this meditation is better suited from Tadasana.

Whichever you choose – to feel grounded or to turn internally, do not neglect this pose; and consider:- Why is it that you chose not to utilise this pose? Does it come from a place of ego? There is an argument that it is far more challenging to stand in Tadasana and remain still in mind and body, than  it is to stand in warrior and do likewise!

Consider – there is a greater challenge to keep the mind from wondering in Mountain Pose…


Much Love Tanja FOY x

(Newton Abbot – DEVON)

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