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I am so excited you are ready to become a Pilates Teacher so that you can share your passion with other people and make a difference in their lives!! 🕺


You want to become a teacher because you’ve experienced for yourself just how much Pilates has helped you to improve your own fitness and wellbeing, or recover from an injury and you love the idea of being able to help others experience this too.


You’re considering teaching because…..


  • You want to wake up in the morning FEELING EXCITED about the day ahead as you love your work and your clients are so awesome! 🌞
  • You’re ready for the next chapter and teaching and helping others seems a great fit!
  • You want to work the hours YOU want to work to fit in around your own lifestyle and commitments!



BUT, you’re not sure if this IS something YOU can really do?  You’re excited about getting qualified in teaching Pilates Or Yoga and starting your own classes, but you want to be able to do it….


…….. without feeling judged or inadequate because maybe you can’t do some of the moves or not flexible enough like the people on Instagram

…….. without worrying that you’ll forget all the names of the exercises or how to teach them

……… without worrying about how you’re going to get clients at the end of it, as there’s “so many other teachers around”



You CAN have an incredibly high-quality certification in Pilates that goes above and beyond the required hours, at the same time you also end up with a newfound confidence that spreads into all areas of your life.


Best Pilates Teacher Training UK

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Pilates Teacher Training Course

“When I started this course I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to teach Pilates at all. There was so much to learn and remember and then having to stand up in front of everyone and actually teach was very daunting.

Even as I was going to my third weekend of the course I still didn’t feel confident that I would be able to.

But that third weekend was the best, a game-changer for me. Lots of different exercises like ‘defend your position’ where we had to confidently explain why we did something a certain way or cueing an exercise and my fellow course mates did it all ‘wrong’ so I had to correct them. These were so useful and when Tanja asked me on the last day to describe how I felt with one word I said CONFIDENT

Both Tanja and Paul are excellent teachers and they make you feel so good about becoming a teacher yourself and I would recommend their teaching course to anyone who wants to become a GOOD Pilates teacher

Many thanks to both Tanja and Paul “


Petra Attellesey, Plymouth Devon UK

How long does it take to train as a Pilates instructor UK?

“It was during the first Covid lockdown that I seriously started researching Pilates Teacher Training courses. I was unsure whether it would be for me, whether I was “good enough” at Pilates myself, worried that everyone could be gym bunnies, or ex-dancers, that I wouldn’t remember the anatomy and scientific bits , how long would it take to train as a Pilates instructor?

We live in Exeter and Covid aside I knew I didn’t want to travel to London and do either an intensive course there or one that spanned several weekends and even more expensive. ​
However, there are a lot more London providers including the big Pilates brands such as Stott, that bothered me. I then came across Elite Pilates Teacher Training in Newton Abbot. ​
Tanja and I spoke extensively on the phone and she answered all my questions and concerns. She was so patient, understanding, and kind. ​
My main take-home from back then and still is on “wobbly” days is Tanja asking me whether I thought Usain Bolt’s coach could run faster than Usain! Of course he can’t but he knows how to train Usain and get the best out of his body. ​
I also now understand that clients actually prefer to have a ‘real’ teacher, one that understands and can relate to their regular body issues and concerns. ​
I signed up for the course and set about my revision. I then decided to postpone the course I had signed up for due to personal reasons and start the next course which was no problem to Tanja and Paul and they understood. ​
I’m not going to lie; the preparation for the anatomy exam is extensive, you do need to allow yourself enough time to do this prior to the start of the course. ​
BUT it makes so much sense to learn that anatomy before the course as you use it all of the time and the rest of the course makes so much more sense. ​
The actual course is very thorough and detailed.​
Tanja and Paul are exceptionally lovely and warm people. This isn’t chalk and talk, it is very laid back, lots of practical, lots of Q&A. ​
They encourage you to ask loads of questions so that your understanding is very thorough. ​
Tanja is only a phone call or email away and gets back to you really quickly. ​
They have also created a detailed back catalogue of videos on most aspects of the course that you have access to not only during the course but forever once you have qualified. ​
This is amazing, it’s as simple as that!​
The Elite Pilates Course has provided me with the self-confidence and knowledge to set up my own Pilates studio. ​
The level and depth of the information provided goes much further than the requirements of the YMCA.
As well as anatomy and how to actually teach Pilates, Tanja and Paul spend a lot of time discussing typical scenarios and modifications for clients who need specific adaptations for example those who have had hip replacements. ​
The basics of Setting up a business are also covered. If you wish to start your own business rather than just be a gym instructor at a leisure centre then I thoroughly recommend this course; I feel thoroughly equipped to start a new pilates career. ​
I also feel like I can contact Tanja at any time post qualification to ask a question or check something; that is so valuable. ​
Tanja gives you her time warm-heartedly. I am so pleased I chose Elite Pilates as my Pilates teacher training provider, I will certainly be returning to do more of their courses. ​
I can’t recommend them highly enough if you wish to complete the Level 3 diploma so that you have the confidence in your own knowledge to be a good teacher. ​
Thank you Tanja and Paul.​”


Beth Goodwin, Exeter Devon

How much does it cost to train as a Pilates instructor?

“In the beginning, although I really wanted to do my teacher training, I did have some reservations. I’ve done Pilates for a few years, but there are still things I can’t do (not sure I will ever be able to do them) and my core and flexibility are not as good as I would like. How much would it cost to train as a Pilates instructor?

So one of my biggest reservations was that I thought “how can I teach pilates, if I can’t do the moves” ?!

But Tanja FOY put my mind at rest and was encouraging and as she says ‘Usain Bolt’s coach can’t run as fast as him!’ Which when I thought about it properly made sense so I went for it!!

I looked at a couple of training venues but I chose Elite as it seemed a lot more personal. They offered more than the basic course and weren’t about the hard aggressive sell like the other company I had contacted. It seemed more about helping you as a teacher rather than take your money, here are the moves now off you go!

The course was really well taught and very informative, not just learning the moves but teaching us alternatives and what to look out for as well as learning which muscles are used.

There is also a catalogue of online materials to refer back to whenever you need it even after the course has finished which I don’t think anywhere else offers.

Tanja and Paul are very supportive and happy to help with any issues. We had another lockdown in between our weekends so our second half of the course was delayed, but they worked around this and sent supportive messages and emails.

They were very accommodating and flexible with finishing the course as a few of us wanted to finish before Christmas and some wanted to defer until the new year. They worked out some weekends that would suit everyone so those of us that wanted to qualify before Christmas were able to.

I don’t think other training facilities would be quite as flexible – they were happy to work around us rather than the other way around!

As strange as it may sound the best part of the course for me was getting through my practical assessment. I was very unsure of myself and lacking in confidence for the first half of the course but by the time it came to the assessment part I felt a lot better about what I could do (even though I was a bag of jelly for the whole hour ).

It felt so good teaching a class. I think that is down to how well the course is taught and the teaching practice we are able to do.

I think it took the time off, in between the sets of weekends, to process everything we had learned. The first 2 weekends are very full-on and it’s a lot to take in – I found it quite overwhelming to start with.

Although when you have that time to think about everything you have learned you realise that you have taken in more than you think and all the extra teaching practice given at the studio helps massively (even though it’s nerve-wracking at the time )!!!!

I can’t wait to start teaching my own classes now!

Janine Murphy, Cornwall South West England

Pilates Teacher Training England 

When I decided to do my teacher training, I did a Google search of Pilates instructor training and Elite came up on the results. I had a look at all of the options available and thought that Elite was exactly what I wanted – it wasn’t a big corporate gym and looked like an open and friendly place where the teaching would be more personable.

After my initial query with Tanja and speaking with her over email, I knew it was the right decision.

I did have reservations when I started looking at different schools. I was worried about ending up in a huge group of people and feeling a bit overwhelmed and intimidated. I didn’t want to complete the qualification with a big, corporate gym where I would just get completely lost.

The course was brilliant, I had so much fun! The group were lovely and Tanja & Paul made the course fun and we had a lot of laughs. The different learning and teaching techniques were really well thought out to ensure that we got the most out of the experience and we could ask as many questions as we wanted.

It can be a lot to take in and it was tiring by the end of the day, but I came away from each day feeling like I had learned a lot and was excited to go back.

The extra materials that you receive are amazing and Tanja & Paul put in so much work to ensure you have everything you need – A&P videos, templates, books! It is so much more than a Pilates instructor qualification and choosing Elite was the best decision I could have made.

For me, the best part of the course was obviously passing my assessment! . But I enjoyed the humour that was brought into the learning, especially the race to do all the classical moves as quickly as possible (and faster than the previous group!).”

Kelly Matthews, Exeter Devon UK

Elite Pilates Teacher Training Course 

This pilates mat course is not for the faint hearted! Based next to Plant World St Marychurch Road Newton Abbot TQ12 4SE
Having said that, after both passing, we feel we have gained an immense achievement. Tanja and Paul throughout the whole of the course were very supportive and so generous with their information and guidance. We could not have got through it without them. The course books they created in addition to the YMCA (Level 3 Diploma Course) materials were such amazing quality we didn’t want to write in them! These books were such a huge benefit to the course and will be something we will refer to in the future.
Both Paul and Tanja’s expertise on the subject is second to none. When we continually showed our ignorance, their patience in answering our queries was never-ending. They were very responsive to any plea for help via email, text, phone call, they were always available to help.
We recommend Elite Pilates Teacher Training UK for anyone wanting to achieve this qualification and are sure you will be immensely satisfied with the result, as indeed we are.
Wendy and Leanne Fennell (Taunton Somerset)
Wendy & Leanne Fennell ( Somerset England)

I Passed my Level 3 Diploma Qualification with Elite Pilates!

I had been practicing and enjoying the benefits of Pilates for about 8 years when I thought about learning to teach it myself. I was really worried that I would struggle with the academic side but the online learning package was really helpful and Tanja and Paul were very supportive. Tanja is an excellent teacher of Pilates and Paul has a very thorough knowledge of the body and how it works.

I now run my own business teaching Pilates – it’s a great way to earn a living and it is gratifying to see others benefit from it.


( Best Pilates Course Bristol England )

Nicola Oakley ( Bristol England )

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