Pilates Course Information

Level 3 Pilates Practitioner Diploma

If you are looking for Pilates Teacher Training then you’ve come to the right place.  We offer the new YMCA Level 3 Pilates Practitioner course, which has been approved by CIMPSA.

As we run our own Pilates and Yoga studio, we are very proud of the level of teacher our new teachers have.  We spend lots of time on the course teaching you HOW to teach and how to help your clients in a much better way.

Although we teach the 34 Classical exercises of Joseph Pilates we will also give you loads of other exercises in order to help you to keep your classes interesting, challening, safe and most important of all – INCLUDSIVE AND ACCESSIBLE to everyone.

The original 34 Classical Exercises are not ideal for most beginners or clients that have injuries or issues.    Our extra book of exercises has been designed to help you to teach clients with all sorts of issues and help them improve and get stronger so that they can work towards the Clasical Routine.  This has also approved by YMCA.

Our course has up to 10 people to provide you with plenty of practice teaching time and persona guidance from us.   We pride ourselves on the individual attention we can give you to you, so that you can ask as much as you want and get the knowledge and skills required to be a FANTASTIC Pilates Teacher.

There are several parts to this Level 3 Pilates Practitioner qualification, explained briefly below.

  • Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Multiple Choice Exam
  • 3 Online Question Worksheets
  • 2 Written Question Worksheets
  • Classical Exercises Worksheets
  • Programming a Pilates Teaching Session
  • Delivering a Pilates Group Teaching Session.
  • Private Client Case Study

A thorough understanding of all of these topics is necessary to be a good Pilates Teacher and once qualified you will be able to teach beginners to advanced level, which some courses do not offer.

Before you attend the training studio for your practical days, you’ll start your distance learning where you will be able to start studying for the Level 3 Multiple Choice Exam, which is held on the FIRST day at the studio. Once you have registered you will receive all your YMCA manuals for your distance learning. A thorough knowledge of the Anatomy and Physiology will also provide you with a fantastic foundation for your practical study.

Including personal practice, self-study and 10 contact days with us at the studio, this course will be comprised of around 370 hours.

To ensure the integrity and standard of our courses we have an application process.  We would be delighted to have you apply and if you do any have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Questions & Answers

Youtube video seminar re answering your queries about the Pilates course information. If it doesn’t answer your questions then please contact me.