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The iconic Pilates Reformer & Tower machine is the most well known and recognizable piece of Pilates equipment.  It is a very versatile and universal exercise machine that allows for a wide range of exercises.  


Is There Tower Teacher Training Near Me?

Our Tower Training course is delivered on site at Elite Pilates Studio, here in Devon South West England UK.   Some home-study is recommended prior to attending the 1 day intensive practical face-to-face training.   Home study can include gaining practical experience at a local studio (if possible) and watching our specifically made reformer videos that go hand in hand with your Tower Course Workbook.

We only take 4 on every course so that you have ample playing time on the equipment (Yay!)


Is Tower Pilates harder than Reformer?

The Elite Tower Training course will cover basic and intermediate exercise, specifically selected because although they are challenging the are still accessible to the general population.   There is no point learning all the advanced tower movements if you won’t be able to use them because they are too challenging and dangerous!

It is often said that ‘Tower pilates is appropriate for strong beginners to intermediate’. The reformer I would suggest demonstrates and requires more ‘contrology’ than does the Tower pilates.


What Do I get from Elite’s (Reformer) Tower Teacher Training Course?

Lifetime access to a full range of high quality videos, materials and resources to enhance and further support your learning including

    • a fully comprehensive colour Elite Tower Workbook
    • A complete tutorial video library


    What qualifications do I need to teach Pilates?

    You do not need any formal qualifications to attend this course, although this course is aimed at those already qualified in Level 3 Mat Pilates, that is those who are already Pilates Teachers.  We will consider applications from those holding a fitness qualification or those that have extensive pilates experience as a student.

    This course is also suitable for those wanting to learn more about the reformer for their own practice.


    Pilates Tower Training Course Aims

    Learn How To Effectively Teach A Tower Class

    Students will develop a comprehensive understanding and awareness of the Pilates Tower and a careful selection of exercises that can be performed.

    You will be able to apply this knowledge that will enhance and build on your existing knowledge of both your own and your students mat experience.

    At the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Instruct basic to intermediate Pilates movements on the Tower.
    • Identify movements which may need to be modified for a particular goal
    • Be able to progress, modify and adapt exercise to suit your clients body and ability.

    Although this is not a qualification (one is not needed to teach tower), you will gain a certificate of completion after the course, which can be used as evidence for CPD.


    Tower Teacher Training Course Fee


    This 1-day Tower Teacher Training course is £150 per person.


    (Pilates) Tower Instructor Course Dates


     Friday 14th June 2024 (4 spaces available)


    If you’re interested in Tower Teacher Training Course please email:   info@elitepilatesteachertraining.co.uk to book your space.


    Thank You

    Remember Elite run YMCA Certificated Level 3 Diploma Courses in Pilates + Reformer Pilates Instructor Training

    What our teachers say…..Reformer & Tower Teacher Training

    It was refreshing that you don’t teach dogma – that there is only one way of performing an exercise on the reformer. There is now right or wrong – just different.  – Helen Nichols (Reformer Teacher Training)

    It was worth it flying from Holland. Thanks for caring – Paul and Tanja Foy – Jihee Chong (Reformer Teacher Training)

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