Pilates Teacher Training Course Information

YMCA Level 3 Pilates Practitioner Diploma


Here’s what you’ll have by the end of your 16 week Pilates Teacher Training with us ….

  •  A 360hr YMCA Level 3 Pilates Practitioner Qualification, which will allow you to teach in any gym and leisure centre (and even some countries abroad!!!!).


  • An in-depth knowledge of anatomy taught be an expert instructor.  You will be taught beyond the Level 3 Applied Anatomy Certificate so that you gain a real understanding of how to help people with Pilates.


  • Know how to teach Joseph Pilates’ Classical Routine AND we also teach you a whole separate manual to ensure that you get more than enough variety to teach your class and to ensure that you can keep everyone safe.  Not every course offers the additional exercises. 


  • A better understanding that exercises will look different on different people. Knowing why this is and how to look after your clients will make you a better teacher and this will also help to build your clients confidence – knowing that “there’s nothing wrong with them” just because they can’t do something.


  • Be able to create lesson plans specifically for individuals as you’ll know how to carry out an assessment on their body, ascertain imbalances and give them exactly what THEY need.


  • Be confident with having different levels of ability within a class and be able to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their class and keeps coming back for more!


  • Know how to deal with different medical conditions like sciatica, bulging discs, arthritis, pregnancy and hip & knee replacements to name a few.   Having this skill will enable you to make your classes more inclusive so you will be able to help more people.


  • Continued access to us our Private Facebook Group for all our teachers  so that you can continue to get support during and even after you have qualified.  Here you will be able to ask questions and get assistance once you start teaching!



Unlike some other courses we do not require you to complete any other courses first.  Our course will offer all the elements of the Level 3 Practitioner Qualification, which is briefly explained below.

  • Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Multiple Choice Exam
  • 3 Online Question Worksheets
  • 2 Written Question Worksheets
  • Classical Exercises Worksheets
  • Programming a Pilates Teaching Session
  • Delivering a Pilates Group Teaching Session.
  • Private Client Case Study

The Level 3 Pilates Practitioner consists of blended learning, some parts consist of self study and then you’ll come spend 10 days with us at the studio for practical training where you’ll gain real-life experience, not only with your course friends, but also real clients from our studio that love volunteering for teacher training practice.

Course Investment

The teacher training course Level 3 Pilates Practitioner is £2,397.  A non-refundable deposit of £397 is required to secure your space on the course. The remaining balance of £2,000 can be paid in installments to suit you, providing the final balance is paid by the first day of the course. (For those interested in teaching Pilates & Yoga you’ll receive a £500 discount when you sign up for both courses together, so just let us know so that we can give you the correct payment information).



BONUS OPTION  Pay in full to receive ALL of our online CPD Small Equipment Courses absolutely FREE!  



Please note that NO certificate will be issued until ALL monies have been received.  Click here for terms and conditions.


To ensure the integrity and standard of our courses we have an application process.  We would be delighted to have you apply.  We will get in touch via email, within 24hrs to have a chat with you :).   In the meantime if you do any have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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