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I remember about 5 years ago I went through a period of not wanting to teach at all.

I questioned whether or not I was actually making an impact on anyone’s life. 🧐

Was I actually helping anyone in a big way?

This happens to teachers all the time and only recently I saw this is another group…..

All teachers go through this when they’re not being recognised or told how much they’re helping.

This is why testimonials from your clients are so important !

Not just to use as part of your marketing, but also to help you realise just how much you can and do help people.

Here’s some comments I’ve had in the past:

💠 “I can actually keep up with my grandchildren”

💠 “I’m not in pain anymore and I can actually dress myself”

💠 “I don’t suffer with a bad back anymore”

💠 “I’ve come off all my medication”

💠 “I’ve stopped my anxiety/depression meds”

These are only a few of the things that I hear on a regular basis…


I wanted to introduce you to someone who I helped and just made being a teacher so awesome…

A little bit of background first…

When Linda started with me, she was in an awful amount of pain after several operations on one foot.

I know Pilates is great, but it wasn’t going to be helping with the issues that Linda had…..


Linda opted to have an amputation and it took about 6 months for Linda to get back to the class, less one foot.

It is amazing what a positive mindset and a sense of humour can do to the healing process.

Her doctors were amazed at how quickly she recovered from the surgery and she was soon ready to start with learning to walk again.

I had no experience working with someone who had just had an amputation so it was a big learning curve for me, but I was honest and said to her that we can figure it out together.

She already trusted me as a teacher and it was absolutely fascinating how getting your foot chopped off affects the rest of the body so much, and how everything in the body is truly connected.


I don’t teach Linda anymore as I’m not in Plymouth, however, I passed her onto one of our teachers who qualified with us so that I know Linda will continue to get excellent care and service.

Linda still pops up to the studio for some reformer sessions every now and again and is game for anything and works really hard.

She had to learn how to use some of the muscles again and we really targeted certain areas to help build strength and stability in the amputated side. The stronger and more stable the glutes and hamstrings could be the better she’d be able to walk.

One of the consultants she went to see prior to her surgery told her she’d never walk again and really tried to discourage her from having the operation, but Linda is one determined cookie…

The photos were 7 months after her surgery. She was determined to walk into his office and prove him wrong!


You still think that the impact Pilates & Yoga teachers can have isn’t much???



Linda is an incredible woman and I was lucky to share that experience with her. It made me a better teacher and taught me so much about how important having a positive mindset is to help heal the body!!!!!

There are people out there needing teachers like you to help them make their lives better in one way or another…..


Lots of love


PS We have a course starting soon  so if you’re interested or have some questions then just send me a PM and we’ll have a chat!



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