Level 3 Pilates for Older Adults


When I was growing up I had this idea that you stayed in the same job forever, pretty much because that’s what my parents did.

Partly out of the need to pay bills etc, but actually they both enjoyed their jobs so I don’t suppose they ever felt the need to go looking elsewhere.

However, nowadays the world has changed and it’s soooo much easier to chop and change careers and we now have the opportunity to CHOOSE to really follow our heart instead of staying stuck in a dead end job, wishing your life away.

I get it.

I’ve had jobs before which left me feeling really unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled and honestly Monday mornings would come and I would cry my eyes out before going to work, thinking I’ve got a whole week ahead of me.   It made me really ill.

Even with all these opportunities available to us, there are still so many people staying in jobs that are literally sucking the life out of them.  I even have friends in this situation.

Well, I’m not one for sitting on my bum and expecting miracles or blaming other people so I did something about it.

I did whatever I could to prepare myself to apply for the  police and even though I failed the recruitment process twice, on the third occasion, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming a Police Officer, which I absolutely loved for nearly 10 years.   Being a Police Officer was one of my callings and I still believe that to this day.

Pilates or Yoga for Older Adults


However, the Universe often has other plans and a long term career was not meant to be.  After suffering with PTSD for 7 months,  I made one of the hardest decisions of my life and at the age of 36 I left the Police force.

One of the reasons I joined the police force was to make a difference.  I know it sounds so cliche, but for me, I wanted to matter.   I wanted to be able to help other people and contribute towards something.

Fortunately I was already teaching Pilates part-time and I loved seeing clients improve their quality of life.  Whether that’s coming off medication or reducing pain and improving their movement so they could do more, this was my next path in life to take.  I felt like (and still do) I can impact other people’s lives for the better, and to be perfectly honest, I get more “job satisfaction” now than when I was in the police because I work with people on such a personal level.  I wasn’t just a uniform and a shoulder number.

I had wondered if teaching pilates was something I could do full time and it was a “in 10 years time” plan.   There’s no way I could see myself leaving a regular monthly salary to teach or that teaching pilates could ever replace my police income.

I was also 36 and felt “too old” to be tackling something else and starting something new!  I was quite comfortable where I was, but I really did love teaching and it wasn’t really “work” and I was always buzzing after a class!   It was never something I considered doing full time until my PTSD and I had to figure out what I was going to do as returning to the police wasn’t on the cards. 👮‍♂️

NOW, In my world, there is no Monday morning dread or Friday afternoon celebration because it’s the weekend.   It’s just days I teach or don’t teach and I love them all and my week has been planned around the way I want to live my life.   💞

I get to spend my time with people who a) I like, and b) genuinely appreciate me and the service that I provide to them.    My clients aren’t just anyone.  I attract like-minded people, which creates a beautiful community and the best part is that many of our clients have become our friends and so each time I teach a class – it’s like I’m spending an hour on a playdate and getting paid for it!

Older Aged Yoga or Pilates Teachers


Regardless of whether, like me, you’re forced by nature or decide to leave your current job, know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ❣️

There’s no age restriction on how old you can or can’t be to be a teacher.

We’ve had 21 year olds complete the course and our oldest to date was 68 years old.

If you think of the population now, people are living for longer and well into their 80’s and 90’s and even 100’s!


Over the years my own client base has also changed.  I used to teach Insanity and HIT classes to younger people, but now as I go through my own changes and my body isn’t as bouncy and responsive as it used to be, my clients are becoming more like me too.

👉They’re aching.

👉 They’re having hot flushes.

👉 They’re gaining weight.

(and that’s just the men!) 🤣

21, 45, 63, 79 it’s just a number. On our Level 3 Pilates & Yoga Practitioner Courses, we will show you how to adapt and change exercises so that everyone in your class will feel valued and included and get a great workout – no matter what their age is!

So…..don’t let your age put you off becoming a Pilates or Yoga teacher!  

Reach out and ask about our Level 3 Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training Courses coming up.  You can just PM me for more information and upcoming dates 🙂

A wonderful and satisfying career awaits you!

Lots of love

Tanja xxx

PS This photo is of my mum who is 87 and still teaches line dancing.  In fact she is now retiring from dancing as of January 2022, and decided that she prefers to be a participant in the class LOL.   She really is such a great role model.

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