“I regret I didn’t do my course with you!!”

This is actually something I’ve heard from several people saying to me ….

One part of me loves hearing that, as it is telling me that what I’m putting out there is showing the value our courses provide.

Another part is saddened that these teachers have finished their training and yet they’re still not feeling confident when it comes to:

✅ How to deal with certain medical conditions within the class
✅ How to create lesson plans for the classes
✅ How to apply the anatomy knowledge to pilates
✅ Standing up in front of people to teach a class, because they don’t know how to adapt or modify exercises to clients that need that additional support and care.

From my point of view excellent teacher training doesn’t mean “just” you’re good enough to pass the assessment.

To me it means you’re ready to stand up in front of “real people” and teach them and look after them, which is why we get our own studio clients volunteer to be taught so that you get REAL LIFE experience. ​ (They love helping our teachers with their learning experience).

It is also not uncommon for us to get qualified teachers join us for some additional training to help them boost their knowledge, skill and confidence.

Maybe it’s because we do this for a living and this is our bread and butter and we love Pilates and how it can help people, so ​ we have more invested into helping people be excellent teachers…💜

 we know what kind of clients you’re going to come across and we genuinely want to make sure you look after them properly!

Our Pilates and Yoga Teacher Training go far deeper than the actual level 3 qualification requirements.

This is why our courses are not for people who just want to tick the box for a certificate AND DON’T CARE ABOUT QUALITY.

👉Our courses are designed SPECIFICALLY for people who are genuinely passionate about helping other people feel safe and cared for as well as included!

👉Our courses are designed to give you as much education and skill as we possibly can, to ensure that your standard of teaching is exceptionally high (as YMCA have told us) and you FEEL confident!!

How many times have you bought a cheaper product that broke the first time you used it and ended up buying the expensive one?

Its’ the SAME with everything else and your training.

If you get the certification but you don’t feel confident at the end of it or have the skills to teach then it means you’re not actually able to follow through on your dream of becoming a teacher …. ​


You do your teacher training and then realise that you have loads of gaps in your training, which means you still have to invest even more to cover the gaps.

I get it.

The worst thing you can do is choose a school purely based on the price that you see on their website and where it is located.


We may not be the right school for you and that’s also okay, but please choose the best school for you because the training they provide sings to you, NOT because it’s the cheapest and closest.

It will come back and bite you on the bum (ask me I know…. I’ve had to redo courses because I made this mistake!)

If you really want to be a good teacher, FIND A GOOD SCHOOL and invest in YOURSELF and YOUR EDUCATION!

I am pleased to announce that the registrations for 2023 are now open. ​ If you’re thinking about doing your qualification, but feel nervous about standing up in front of people or worried that you’ll forget the names of the exercises then our course is just for you!

Not only do we provide additional training resources (not available to any other course provider!), we also spend additional quality time going over exercises and advanced teaching skills training so that you qualify with uber confidence and excitement to start your own classes!

If you’re ready to take the next step to enjoy a fulfilling career in which you can work around your own family then all you need to do is send me a private message here on FB! ​

This will be a great opportunity to ask me any questions that you may have and I’ll also ask you a few and then if we’re a good fit to proceed I shall send you a registration form to get you all started! ​ ​ That’s the most exciting part – apart from receiving your certificate!

I look forward to your message and having a chat with you!

I look forward to your PM! 😊

Lots of love!


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