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Pilates Teacher Course – Hypermobility and How to Overcome it!

“OH no how do I deal with it???”  😵
It’s always great on a course when we do have someone that has some kind of condition, as it gives us an opportunity to show learners how to deal with these things that will crop up in a class….​
HYPERMOBILITY is one of those things…… ​
Hypermobile people are the hardest to teach, so when we have a hypermobile person in the class – it’s awesome for others to see what it looks like…. 👏
👉 here’s one of our ladies on our teacher training course with hypermobile elbows…..​
▶️ This is just one of the conditions we cover on our teacher training courses, which is not usually offered on most courses, as technically it’s not part of the criteria…​
As we run a studio too (aka we’re not JUST a training provider), we have all this experience to share with you so that you are better prepared to deal with it, when it crops up in your class.. 💜


We also record all our these sessions, so that learners have access to this information even after they have completed their training YIPEE!!! ​ 🕺
Is anyone here hypermobile????? ​ ​ ​
Lots of love from Devon!​
Tanja​ Foy (Profit with Pilates) xxx
Best Pilates Teacher Training UK Devon Dorset Cornwall Somerset
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