​This is quite a common question especially since some people think you need a special teaching qualification to teach adults.

The reason people think this is the case is because they think they’re just going to be taught Pilates or Yoga. ​ Unfortunately this is the case with some teacher training courses. ​ They make sure you can identify the poses and know all the stuff in your head, but they may not be teaching really important skills for becoming a TEACHER.

Weekend 3 of our Pilates and Yoga teacher training courses is ALL about teaching skills.
✅ ​ How to read the body in front of you
✅ ​ How to using different teaching techniques (Demo VS Voice)
✅ ​ Understanding what “clients” hear when you’re teaching
✅ ​ ​ Learning how to be concise in your words and cue’s to get people to do exactly what you want them to do.

We don’t believe in giving people a certification where they just know the moves hypothetically but don’t really know HOW to teach it to various people. ​ ​

Instead, we believe in creating this environment where you learn all the moves AND the skills!

You learn all of the moves, the name, the what to do’s, the how to do it. ​ ​ AND you also learn how to show up in your own body and mind as a teacher and create a wonderful experience for people in your class! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Everyone will read the same content but how you deliver it will be authentic to you and the clients you want to serve.

There are no prerequisite courses that you have to complete before you join us. The Level 3 qualification with us, ​ will help you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence to be a good teacher 🙂

We’ve designed our courses to give you lots of experience by the time you’ve completed your training.

Here’s how we do that :

👉We get our studio clients in to come and play with us so that you can get “real” experience teaching people other than those just on your course

👉We do lots of teaching skills exercises, which we’ve made fun and we have a laugh – learning doesn’t have to be from a text book or boring!

👉We have lots of time allocated to practise teaching whether that’s in pair or small groups etc the more you teach the better you’ll get so we ensure that a large majority of the course is you teaching and not just sitting listening to lectures.

If you’re thinking about this but have zero teaching experience then wonderful! ​ ​ You know we welcome you. ​ ​ ​ If you have teaching experience that’s wonderful too, but we are going to supply you with not just the knowledge about Pilates and Yoga, we are going to supply you with the applied practical experience in teaching to help you be the person who can stand up in front of a group and feel confident leading them so you can share your love of Pilates and Yoga!

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher and the idea has been floating around – maybe it’s time to investigate it a little further! ​ ​ Get in touch and ask me any questions and then you’ll know for yourself if this is something you can take further!

You never know until you try!

Lots of love

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