🤜 You could be teaching your own pilates or Yoga classes by Summer of 2023 ❣️🕺

EEEEK!!! Did you just wet your knickers at the thought of it! 😵

Maybe it was out of excitement or maybe out of absolute fear!

I totally get it!

There have been times in my life when someone has told me that I can actually have or achieve what I wanted and that’s when a part of me gets all excited and giddy and then the other part of me starts freaking out and I start thinking stuff like:

💗 ​ I’ll forget all the names……

💗 ​ I’m not fit enough or good enough and I don’t look like “them” on Instagram

💗 I haven’t studied in years and I’m not academic at all…

If you’ve been wanting this for a while and you’ve looked through the courses and had then started to have some doubts as to why you couldn’t do it. 😟

I’ve seen it time and again with our learners who go through our training that they CAN do it.🎓

What’s more is that:

👉 ​ You don’t need 10 years experience (in fact the less experience you have the easier for us to teach you may have picked up some habits, which are difficult to change)

👉 ​ You get ALL your training with us. ​ ​ ​ ​ There’s no ​ “foundational” or prerequisite courses you have to do in order to do your Level 3 Pilates or Yoga Practitioner training with us.

👉 ​ There’s no additional costs for resitting exams or assessments

👉 ​ I will even share some exclusive business start up tips to help you get clients through the door as soon as you’re qualified! ​ These are the exact methods I use in my own studio to bring in new clients consistently and easily!

👉 There’s a private FB group that you can join once you’re qualified and you can continue to get support and ask questions even after you’ve finished your course.

So as you can see it’s easier than you think and if you’re feeling nervous and scared it’s likely that you really care and you’re really passionate about it. ​ People who don’t have those strong dreams and goals don’t get nervous or worried. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Imagine I said to you that you could be an amazing badger groomer – you’d shrug your shoulders and not even worry about it, as it’s not something you really want to do (or maybe it is! 🤣) ​

So being nervous is a good sign!

If this is making you feel nervous and excited at the same then you’re starting to see that it’s a possibility!

Reach out, we’ll have a conversation and I’m happy to walk you through some of our previous teachers’ experiences and give you a sense of who are the real people who do our teacher training courses and are successful with them. ​ Believe me you’ll see yourself in these teachers!

We are here to support you every step of the way and beyond!

Lots of love

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