I’ll do ( FILL THE BLANK) when I’ve got that extra qualification or done that extra course.

 Or I’m not qualified enough

OR they are better than me

🤜    There’s no time like the present.

I look at things I’ve not done and gosh if I had done them when I started WHERE WOULD I BE NOW?   

And there’s no judgment.  I didn’t know then what I know now so it’s all part of my journey.

When these things pop into your head, it’s not actually about gaining more skills or qualifications, it’s about not being confident yourself and you not believing in yourself.

Maybe you’ve heard of Tony Robbins?  He hasn’t done any formal life coaching training, but it hasn’t stopped him!   

What about Mr Joseph Pilates?   Do you think he did a pilates qualification?  NO – he invented it!

Can you imagine if he didn’t pursue his dreams, just because he didn’t have extra skills or a certificate?   There would probably be NO pilates!

So can you see the potential impact it could have if you sat on the side lines waiting for when you felt good enough or believed in yourself before you took action?  


Trust in your training – especially if you have done your teacher training with us.  Our training is fantastic!  I know because I’ve done other courses so I know how good ours is.

And you will only ever get better and improve your skill if you actually start doing it!

Again, I always come back to driving, as it’s something most people can relate to.

Do you think you’d be able to drive like you do now, without all the years of experience of being behind the wheel, up until now?    

Absolutely NO WAY!

The only way to get better, gain more confidence and gain more skill and gain more experience…


As Nike says:   JUST DO IT! 🤸‍♂️

So today I want you to think of something that’s been hanging over your head for a while and I want you to commit to taking action.

✅ Is there a class that you want to start, but don’t think you’re ready?

✅ Is there an event that you want to run, but don’t think you know enough?

Whatever it is, pick one thing and let’s get you started!

Limiting beliefs like this will stop you from achieving your goals and growing your business.  😩

They sneak up on you, without you even realising is so evertime you feel like you want to do something, and a BUT pops up….. 🤯

Stop right there and investigate the deeper emotions behind it!    You’ll be surprised at what’s lingering around in the subconscious! 😬

Lots of love,

Tanja x

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