What is Really Holding you Back ?

Do you want to know what’s been holding me back? Keep reading!

I don’t think there’s one person on this earth that has not procrastinated at some stage and that includes me!  I am like the queen of procrastination!

I used to get quite annoyed with myself and think to myself “If I really wanted to do this, then I wouldn’t be procrastinating”.  And I’d start doubting myself and all the things I wanted in my life and how on earth do you doubt the things you really know you want in your life?

Have you ever gone looking for something on the internet, let’s use teacher training as example.  If your’e like me then you’ve looked through loads of websites and some how ended upon Facebook or Youtube!  (actually I still end up there!!)

We have two minds that we work from.  One is our normal mind.  Our practical mind.  The Ego mind.

The other mind is the purest part of YOU.   The part that has all the dreams without the fear.  The beautiful ideas of what you want to achieve in your life, without the judgement.

So as soon as the purest mind has an idea, like becoming a Pilates or Yoga Teacher your Ego mind will step in ….


To keep you safe.   That is what it’s meant to do.

But let’s face it.  Doing your Pilates or Yoga Teacher Training is hardly going to put you into harms way where Saber-Tooth Tigers can get you.

In order to grow and to live the life the purest of you wants to live, YOU will need to switch off that ego mind and go with your heart.  You know your guy instinct.  Your sixth sense.  Whatever you call it.   Paul and I are very firm believers on going with FEELING.

And procrastinating is NOT a sign of you not really wanting to do something.  It’s the Ego mind stepping in to stop you from stepping out of that protective cover you have called your comfort zone.   I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now.

I have actually created a video for you as I wanted to tell you about the one BIGGEST thing that has been HOLDING ME BACK……

I’d love to know if you’ve had a light bulb moment and actually realised what the reason you haven’t stepped forward for that holiday, new job, leaving the old job really is!

You can either stay where you are and in 5 years, be in the same place….. in fact…. a very quick story…

When I did my Pilates Teacher Training I was meant to do my training with a friend and she actually pulled out and never went on to do her training.  That was nearly 8 years ago.   SHE IS STILL UNHAPPY IN THE SAME JOB SHE WAS IN BEFORE!

Don’t let that be YOU.  Only YOU can make the changes you want.

Sending you lots of energy and vibes to take that leap into doing whatever it is you truly want!

lots of love

tanja xx

(Newton Abbot – DEVON)

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