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​I’m sure you’ve done your research for Pilates and Yoga Teacher Training schools and you’ve seen that there are a ton of schools out there!

Maybe you’re getting overwhelmed with the minefield of schools and you’re feeling a bit lost in the sea of all the qualifications available out there. 🤯

But my own experience of doing my own courses and as a training school and helping people like you to become amazing teachers, is that it’s really important to know WHO your teachers are ❣️

If you’re reading this I’m sure you’re already getting my vibe, but I wanted to introduce you to Paul and I wanted to dedicate this post to him, as he plays a huge role in our teacher training courses AND in my life (don’t tell him I said that!) 💘.

My role on our teacher training courses is to support you mentally, emotionally and in any other possible way. ​ ​ ​ ​ I am there when you feel overwhelmed, I’m there when you want to cry and I’m there to have a giggle with!

I’m there to check your paperwork and make sure you’re on the right track and I’m there to make you feel welcome and as part of our family.

My job is the easiest part, in my opinion!

Paul on the other hand has a rather cushy life outside of the teacher training courses, BUT I will give it to him …

He works his socks off during the courses, because HE is a walking encyclopedia of Pilates and Yoga and Anatomy.

There isn’t much he doesn’t know about the body and how it all relates to teaching Pilates and Yoga. ​ ​ ​ His 20 years of remedial and rehab therapy has been an absolute BONUS for those on our courses.

Many training centres out there have the knowledge of a pilates / yoga teacher. ​ Not many actually have the additional anatomy expertise that Paul has and that we share with you on the teacher training course and I do honestly believe this is why teachers that qualify with us are so much better equipped and knowledgeable at the end of their training. ​ ​ ​

Of course I do also know that Paul comes with a scouse accent and talks at a 100mph, simply because he LOVES anatomy and shares everything he knows. ​ ​ He does try his best to slow down, but the faster he talks the more he can teach you! 🤣 LOL ​ ​ ​ BUT we have also recorded tons of videos so you can always refer back to them once you’re qualified! ​ I made sure he talked much slower in the videos LOL ​ (and take 20 🎬)

Paul LOVES questions, especially if they challenge his beliefs or opinions. ​ He loves a debate where he can learn from you. ​ It’s one of the things we really try to get across on our courses…

THERE’S NO RIGHT OR WRONG – it’s just different!

And you’ll often be witness to debates where Paul and I offer differing perspectives – we do ask ourselves sometimes how on earth have we stayed married for so long!

I hope you enjoyed that introduction to Paul, who always walks around barefoot and is probably one of very few men I know that isn’t testosterone driven! ​ ​

I’ve seen again and again the teachers that really absorb everything Paul brings to the table, are the teachers that get a really good solid foundation of the anatomy and they are so much more confident when presented with all sorts of issues to teach.

I’m sure you’ll hear Paul say on the courses, if you want to be a better teacher – don’t do more qualifications – go and study anatomy. ​ When you have a good thorough understanding of how muscles and exercises work – being a teacher is the easy part 🙂

If you’re really interested in the deeper understanding of how the human body works and you’d love to learn from someone who shines and loves sharing his knowledge (and going off on relevant tangents) then Paul is the teacher for you!

Lots of love
Tanja Foy – Elite Pilates Training Provider

PS ​ aren’t I a lucky lady!

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