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Hello and welcome to our Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training blog page. It is on this page that you can find many interesting and helpful articles that we hope will help you become the best you can be. We keep our content fresh and regularly updated.


If you are looking to become a Pilates instructor you can join us in Devon South West (England, UK). Elite Pilates YMCA Level 3 Diploma Instructing in Mat Pilates Teacher Training courses here in South Devon South West England UK. We offer certificated qualification that will enable you to instruct a group fitness exercise programme class for beginners, intermediates or advanced students.


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How to be Ready for Yoga Teacher Training

How do I choose the right teacher training and where do I even begin. Welcome future yoga teacher Making a decision about yoga teacher training brings up a lot of questions Read Tanja FOY take of Yoga Teacher Training Below are the must-knows to get started on your yoga teacher training journey with Elite Yoga Teacher Training – DEVON

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Avoid Sitting – be more mobile

MOVE MORE, SIT LESS: THE DANGERS OF SITTING ALL DAY   Well this title was the advice I did and still do give. It is just my perspective has shifted slightly. The shift is down to a Latin legal maxim I learned many moons ago – Audi alteram partem. Basically...

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Pelvic Floor Muscles

Pelvic Floor Muscles   Top tips on Activating and Strengthening them       As a general rule almost all Pilates movements will help the pelvic floor muscle group. Having stronger glutes and stronger abdominal muscles help in alleviating the work load of...

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Who is Older you or your Spine?

SPINE MOBILITY     Why is Spinal Mobility so important?       “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible” is a popular quote from Joseph Pilates and is really what the whole Pilates repertoire is based upon. Joseph Pilates said something along the...

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How Improving Your Riding helps your Horse – Pilates for Riders

Pilates is beneficial for just about everyone. There are however certain disciplines, sports or activities where the benefits of Pilates are felt more keenly. Such disciplines as: dancers; gymnasts; martial artists and the skill and control of Pilates appeals to horse riders, in particular dressage riders. Pilates for Riders – How Improving Your Riding helps your Horse – Pilates for Riders Better understand your body and help your horse understand what you want them to do.Pilates benefits Equestrians in strength posture mobility flexibility lengthening and stretching muscles

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