Over the years I’ve spoken to many people that have wanted to do their Pilates or Yoga teacher training and all for various reasons from doing it for their own knowledge or they want to teach classes.

Whatever the reason, there are a few things that have always cropped up in the conversation and I have put them into 4 categories.

1️⃣ Not being good enough

Unless your background is a ballet dancer or gymnast, most teachers I know have thought this in the beginning. 🤸‍♂️

As my mum would say “you’ll never know unless you try!” 😍

Although yes, there’s a bit more to it I agree!

I’ve had people do their training with me even though they have never done a pilates class before and I’ve had someone that’s done online classes for 20 years.

👉 Neither is better.

Yes it’s helpful when you have got experience, but sometimes people pick up “bad habits” and it’s harder for us to correct them (or should I say it’s harder for the person to correct them) than it is to work with someone who has no preconceived notions ….. It’s a blank canvas and that has it’s benefits.

Our courses are designed to build your confidence with each and every exercise we do over the course of the training and we have fun doing it. ​ We create a safe environment where it’s okay to mess up, in fact we encourage it ❣️ ​ ​ The sooner you get used to making oopsies the sooner you relax and enjoy the experience of teaching!

2️⃣ ​ Not being able to do the pilates moves

If you’ve been in our world for a while, you might have heard to me talk about Glen Mills? ​

Do you know who he is?

He is only the coach of the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt. ​ ​ 😲

And do you want to know another interesting fact about Glen Mills ❓

He has NEVER received any medals for athletics.

Seriously ❓

Yes Seriously ❣️

So you think you can’t become a pilates or yoga teacher just because you can’t stand on your head ❓

Think again my friend ❣️

Not convinced ❓

How about Richard Williams ❓

Father and coach to the Tennis Queens of the World – Serena & Venus Williams. ​

And guess what ❓

Although he had some tennis lessons, he never played professionally AND has NEVER won any grand slam tournaments. 😲

There you have it ❣️

Teaching and doing are completely two different things and on our courses we’ll help you become amazing TEACHERS, regardless of whether or not you can do some of the movements ❣️







3️⃣ ​ The time commitment

Time for a bit of a pep talk!

If you really want to do something YOU WILL MAKE THE TIME TO DO IT ❣️

🤜 “I don’t have time” is an excuse. 🥴

It could be you’re not serious about doing your teacher training or it could be self doubt and your own limiting beliefs using the time thing as a reason not to do the course.

If I told you that you could win a million pounds IF you came and spent 11 days with us, I guarantee you would find a way to do it. 💸

Now don’t get me wrong, there is NO judgement from me about whether or not you think you have “time” to do the course. ❤️

Even when I did my own course, I had to take annual leave to fit the course in as I was working full time in the police working shifts and my training was 4 hours away from me, so I also had to stay over night. ​

👉 I’ve often travelled to other parts of the country or even abroad to attend seminars and events because it’s something I REALLY WANTED to do! 🕺

Our course is approximately 360hours of blended learning, which is stuff you do in your own time and then there are 11 practical days with us, held over the weekends. ​ ​ ​

It’s not unachievable and it just takes a bit of organising and commitment, but YOU CAN DO IT.

The best part is that although we aim to get you through the practical days over a 3 month period, you do actually have 2 years to complete all the elements of the course – so really there’s no reason why you couldn’t complete the course in the available time frame ❣️

4️⃣ Course Investment

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “You get what you pay for” and it’s no different when it comes to choosing who you want to do your training with.

And I get it, it’s a big decision to make.

Not only is it the cost of the course itself, but it’s the travel expenses too.


Imagine you chose to do your training which was only 3 or 4 days and by the end of it you still had no experience with teaching real people or having an opportunity to read people’s bodies or if you finished and still didn’t feel confident enough to start classes, ​ then was the money worth spending ❓

Don’t you want to qualify feeling super knowledgable and feeling so confident that you couldn’t wait to get your classes starting knowing that you’re prepared for anything that comes your way and even if something odd does cropp up, knowing you still have access to your training provider to get support ❓

Our course is 11 days because we run a successful studio and we know what you’re gong to come across in your classes AND we’ve added additional content so you have a deeper understanding of various medical conditions AND whole bunch of other exercises to use with your clients to ensure your classes are accessible to most people and this is not part of the YMCA curriculum. ​

👉 BUT it’s what we feel you need in order to be a GOOD teacher!

This is something we take pride in, as we do this for a living and we want you to be the best you can be when you fly the nest ❣️

So there you have it – the 4 biggest things that stop people from doing their teacher training.

I hope that if you experience one of these things that what I’ve shared here with you will help you overcome these barriers and motivate you to take the leap!

If you want more information about our courses get in touch and we’ll send you a prospectus and you’ll be able to see exactly what you get with the course and how much value and additional training resources we have for you to make your experience with us with every penny!

Lots of love
Tanja x





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