Choose ELiTE for Your Pilates Teacher Training Course

Learn how to use Joseph Pilates’ original Contrology methods to advance your career as a Pilates teacher.

Not all Pilates Teacher Trainings are created the same and after offering teacher training for 6 years, I’ve made sure that my courses not only helps you tick the criteria and do the required number of hours to pass the assessment, but actually sets you up to be an effective teacher so that you can pursue your passion for teaching pilates.


BUT today I want to talk about what it’ll be like once you have actually completed your training with us…… (YAY!)

You will have……..

✅ The most up to date, YMCA Level 3 Pilates Practitioner Qualification (360hrs), which will allow you to teach in any gym and leisure center (and even some countries abroad!!!!).


✅ An in-depth knowledge of anatomy taught by an expert instructor with over 20 years of experience in rehab and injuries, so that you gain a proper understanding of how to help people with Pilates.

✅ Know how to teach Joseph Pilates’ Classical Routine AND you will also have access to a whole separate manual to ensure that you get more than enough variety to teach your class and to  keep everyone safe. Not every course offers the additional exercises and you will have access to recordings so you can refer back at any time.


✅ A better understanding that exercises will look different on different people and knowing why this is and how to look after your clients will make you a better teacher and this will also build your clients confidence – knowing that “there’s nothing wrong with them” just because they can’t do something.  (You’ll get see this in real life when we invite clients to the studio)

✅ Be able to create lesson plans specifically for individuals as you’ll know how to perform an assessment on their body, ascertain postural issues and give them exactly what THEY need for their body.


✅ Be confident with having different levels of clients within a class and be able to ensure they each get the most out of their class and keep them coming back for more!

✅ Know how to deal with different medical conditions like sciatica, bulging discs, arthritis, pregnancy and hip & knee replacements to name a few. Having this skill will enable you to make your classes more inclusive so you will be able to help more people.  (This is not covered in many courses!)

✅ Continued access to all the Elite Pilates Teacher Training online learning material such as individual exercise tutorials and the Anatomy Modules to refer back to when you want, as well as access to classes with specific focus such as “Pilates for Sciatica” or “Pilates for Scoliosis”.

 We love working with committed aspiring teachers who want to give it their all to be the best they can be AND who love having some fun along the way!

So if you’ve been considering doing your teacher training because you’re really passionate about pilates and you want to teach it and you want to be READY as soon as you’re qualified, then this is the course for you and we’d love to hear from you!

Just get in touch either via email ( or pm and I’ll take you through how the course is run and answer any questions you may have 🙂

Lots of love

✅ A private and dedicated FB group to ask questions during your training AND continued support AFTER your training – you can stay in that group forever and we’ll be there to answer your questions.

Tanja FOY


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Learn how to use Joseph Pilates’ original Contrology methods to advance your career as a Pilates teacher.

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