I’ll do my qualification when….

➡️  I’ll lose weight when….

➡️  I’ll save money when….

➡️  I’ll find a job that lights me up when……

And I’m sure you have a few you can add a few to the list….

BUT I wanted to give you a little challenge…… and see what you think?

Next time you want to say “I’ll do it when……

Change the saying:

“ I’ll follow my passions and do what lights me up after I’ve done XYZ”

Whenever I reframe it I always get the sense of why am I putting myself LAST!  I should be first!

Why would you want to wait until you lose weight, save money, get another job, do your teacher training course❓

All these things that I’ve mentioned are to better yourself and your life so the way I see it is that you’re punishing yourself by waiting!

Passionate about Pilates or Yoga


💜  These things should be top of your priority list as these are all investments in yourself and your life and your family.  💜

So next time you say:

“I’ll wait until ” just take a  moment and think is it a valid reason to wait or is there something else holding you back❓

Usually what holds us back are our own fears, self doubts or as I like to call it the “this is too hard” bucket and THAT’S OKAY because right now they just seem too big and too overwhelming.

The things in the “too hard bucket” are usually the most rewarding, life-changing and worth it so put yourself out there and you know what else…..

Don’t let the fact that you don’t know HOW to do something hold you back.  

You can get someone to help you with all those “too hard” things.   You can get a personal trainer to help you with your weight 🏃‍♀️ or you can get an accountant to help you with your money.  💸

You can find a career advisor to help you discover what lights you up. 🌞

You can train with a great Pilates or Yoga school to help you become a teacher. 🧘‍♀️

When things feel too big or too hard it’s no wonder we have some hesitation and we’ll put them off and keep making excuses, like “i’m not ready” or “i’ll do it when”, before I can do these other things.  

But we can get help.  There’s no additional prize for reaching your goals all on your own. 

Passionate about Pilates or Yoga?



When you get help you will actually achieve your goals faster and you’ll have the support there to pick you up when you want to give up and you’ll gain the knowledge faster.

It’s your life and you’re allowed to have everything you want AND to live the life that you want AND you can achieve anything you want to achieve by taking that step forward and getting the support that you need in order to make it happen!

🤜 Pull that thing out of the “too hard” bucket and make a commitment today to begin to take some steps to achieving your goals! 

If one of those goals is completing your teacher training qualification then I’d love to have a chat with you to see how we can help you take the next step 🙂 🕺

Lots of love 

Tanja – passionate about pilates or yoga

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