Wondering if now is the right time to do your Pilates or Yoga Teacher Training❓

I’m all for taking on challenges and going for it….

BUT, sometimes “now” isn’t the right time…..

Last year I was so excited as I had signed up for a 500hr Yoga teacher training course (yes even teachers need to keep their education up to date) and I had all the new pens and post- it-notes ready to go….

(Does anyone else out there have a stationery fetish?)

And two weeks into my training, my father passed away and as if that’s not bad enough it was smack in the middle of a lockdown and I couldn’t go back to South Africa to be with my family.

I tried to carry on with my course, but I was too heart broken and just couldn’t focus and I fell behind on the work, but I was lucky that I was able to defer to the next course, under the circumstances and happy ending – I finished that training earlier this year! 🕺

So you see.  

There are definitely times in life where you would be doing yourself a disservice by going ahead and doing your training.

BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t take any action.  There’s actually so much you can do to start laying the foundation and the ground work if your passion is to become a Pilates or Yoga teacher.

Here’s my 3 top things that you can start to do if becoming a Pilates or Yoga Teacher is something you want to do, but not right now….

1️⃣  Start attending as many classes with different teachers as possible.

It is really important and you will pick up loads when you start to look at the teachers objectively and when you really listen you’ll start to discover what kind of teacher YOU want to be.

➡️  Notice how they cue.    Do you understand them fully or is there space for confusion?

➡️  Was there any particular cue’s you liked or that resonated with you VS cues you didn’t like?

➡️  Can you see them properly when they are demonstrating?

➡️   Did they offer alternatives / variations or modifications to people that couldn’t do particular things or did they just expect everyone to do the same thing?

➡️  Did you feel safe in their class?   Did they respect your body and it’s limitations?

➡️  Are they walking around helping you and correcting people OR do they stay on their mat and do their own workout)?

➡️  Do they make eye contact with everyone in the class?

➡️  How did they make you feel when you came in, during the class and afterwards?

➡️  Did they take note of your name?

➡️  Are they passionate about what they are sharing or are they just going through the motions?

2️⃣    Start looking for venues where you can teach.    

You’re not making any commitments but get a little book out or a spreadsheet if you prefer to work on a computer and start researching venues and note down their emails, telephone numbers and rates for their halls.   If you think you might do your training sooner rather than later then contact them and ask them what spaces are available.   Also how many people do you think you could fit into that venue.

3️⃣   Create a business FB page.      

You can keep it unpublished, but start adding photos of you doing Pilates or Yoga or related posts.  When you start your training you can add more pictures and you can then publish your FB page and there’ll be loads of content on there already!   

These are my biggest tips for getting started now, without actually starting your training.

If you’ve got something big going on in your life right now then hopefully you can see that you don’t need to hit pause on your dream.   There are still steps you can take and any actions are better than no actions.   

For those of you who are considering their teacher training maybe later in 2023 please feel free to get in touch for our prospectus, which has much more information for you.    It’s another action you can take to get closer to your dream of becoming a Pilates or Yoga teacher.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to becoming a Pilates or Yoga Teacher when the time is right 🙂

Lots of love

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