Email Lists – Have you Got One?

If you speak to anyone who knows anything about marketing they will agree with me that if you want to have a successful business you NEED TO HAVE AN EMAIL LIST.

So what is an email list and how do you get one?

I am sure you have seen things online where you can get a free e-book or video IF you put your email address into the box. ​

Well what that does is it adds your email address to a bulk email system and that is worth gold. 💰

People are very very rarely ready to buy on the first point of contact so an email list provides an opportunity for you to get to know that person and to decide whether they’re someone you want to buy from or not. 🧐

We only buy from people we KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. 😍

And creating content that helps and serves your potential clients is one way of getting them to find out more about you and your values and your mission and what you stand for.

As Pilates & Yoga teachers, this is NO different.

When you can build your email list you can create fantastic content to share like newsletters, blogs, videos, classes or whatever else and share it with them.

Another reason to have an email list is to allow you to have regular contact with your potential clients – you always want to be at the forefront of their mind when they think about Pilates or Yoga…..


🤜 When the time is right and they’re ready to buy YOU will be the person they will buy from and it’s a great way to promote your new retreat, or your workshops etc ​ ​ 💝

I rarely ever have to advertise a workshop because I can normally sell all the spaces just by emailing those on my email list.🤸‍♂️

There are plenty of programs out there such as Mailchimp, Aweber, Kajabi and MORE. ​ Some are quite expensive and can do lots of thing and others are cheaper and some have free options.

I’ve used several over the years and I’ve now switched to one called MAILERLITE. ​ It’s super easy to use and best of all IT’S FREE 🕺, up to a certain amount of subscribers and then packages start at like £10 a month or something like that.

It’s one of my new favourite resources because of the simplicity of it and you can actually do quite a bit with it.

LIke all new things there is a learning curve, but I use mailerlite to automate a ton of things in my business, which means I GET MORE FREE TIME!!! ⏰

So perhaps you’re brand new?

➡️ When you get a new person into your class get their emails
➡️ Get a spreadsheet or sign up to Mailerlite or one of the free options
➡️ ​ Start collecting email addresses. ​

It is NEVER too soon to start collecting!

TOP TIP: ​ ​ 🤜What I have on my ParQ’s is a question that asks if they want to be added to my database for videos etc and if they tick YES then I add them to Mailerlite.

Remember people are quite protective of their inbox’s (that just sounds wrong!) LOL

So you have to give them something of value in return for their details. ​ Maybe you’ve got a videos series you can share with people out there or a book you’ve written.

I created an online 7 day Pilates Fundamentals and gave that away for free on FB in return for email addresses 🙂 ​ ​ ❣️

There’s so many things you can create and offer to start building your email list.

Your email list is extremely important especially when it comes to growing your business, craeting higher priced services or creating online content. ​ ​ ⁉️

You won’t be able to rake in tons of money without having a list and we all want lots of money (if you cringing at that thought – then there’s definitely some money blocks there).

So if you want to conquer the world – get list building! ​ 💝

And enjoy sharing your knowledge and skill and in return creating a huge wonderful community that loves and adores everything you put out there!

Lots of love
Tanja xxx

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