If this is how you feel right now…. 

I’ll let you in on a secret…… miling Face with Horns

When I first did my teacher training, I didn’t actually have any intention of teaching classes.   ABSOLUTELY NO WAY!

I wanted to do some courses before, but pulled out of because I was so nervous about talking in front of people and I’ve missed some amazing opportunities because I was a scardy pants!

Just the thought of standing up there with my sweaty hands and armpits (and other things!) and just thinking about it would make me feel sick!   In fact I could feel my face going really red, my mouth drying up like a fish out of water and not being able to string a sentence together….

Jumping off a bridge felt far more appealing!

When I did my very first Teacher Training course, which was Pilates,  my intention was to teach private clients.

And then I started one group class….

And then another…… 

And another …..

And another ….. ee-No-Evil Monkey

And before I knew it I had 10 classes and I REALLY FELL IN LOVE teaching the classes and I still do!! eart Exclamation

So how did I overcome this fear? 

No 1 – I volunteered to go first so I could just get it out the way!! The longer I had to wait the more nervous I felt so I’d jump in and get it done asap.

No 2 – Once I did my course and decided to start a class I made sure that I was VERY prepared for that class.  The more I knew my stuff the less I had to worry about in terms of the actual Pilates.

No 3 – Another thing I did was visualisation.   

I know many people think it’s a load of nonsense, but I used visualisation and taught my class over and over and over again and the class went exactly how I planned it.  Even right down to the clothes I wore on the day!!!

At the end of the class I was buzzing!!!  eaming Face with Smiling Eyes

No 4 – I wrote down how I felt at the end of the class so that each time I got nervous I could read about how awesome I felt after the class.

No 5 – I did it more and more and more and really it wasn’t long before I was used to it

When I did my course I only taught twice!!! (shocking I know!), but on another course I did we taught every day and it does make a huge difference to your confidence.  

The more I got up and taught the more at ease I felt.

And this is why I’ve designed our Level 3 Pilates& Yoga Practitioner training the way I have.   

The training allows you to have plenty of opportunity to teach and all the training exercise are designed to have fun with – which soon helps you to feel more at ease when you’re teaching!

I love watching our new teachers when they start their training and how nervous they are and at the end of the weekend they’re glowing with confidence and it’s like watching butterflies spread their wings for the first time! utterfly lapping Hands

So if currently you feel afraid I totally hear you I’ve been there myself and I want you to know it’s ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE le to lose the fear and so that you can follow your passion and teach and help people to transform their lives.

Don’t let fear freeze you into doing nothing and never pursuing something you really want to do … whether that’s applying for another job or doing your Pilates & Yoga teacher training.

There’s so much waiting for you on the other side of the fear! 

Lots of love

Tanja xxx

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