For those of you that join us on our Pilates teacher training courses. ​ ​ You’re going to recognise Beth from the videos as she was happy to be working on a 1-2-1 basis to help us record the videos 🙂

Beth did one part of the course with us privately so that we could shoot the videos and then joined us for another course with a group 🙂 ​

One of the things I wished I had was recordings of all the exercises so that I could refer back to it, but I didn’t and I know how much the teachers really enjoy having the additional resources 🙂

So I’d like to introduce you to Beth:

“It was during the first Covid lockdown that I seriously started researching Pilates Teacher Training courses. I was unsure whether it would be for me, whether I was “good enough” at Pilates myself, worried that everyone could be gym bunnies, or ex-dancers, that I wouldn’t remember the anatomy and scientific bits blah de blah.

We live in Exeter and Covid aside I knew I didn’t want to travel to London and do either an intensive course there or one that spanned several weekends and even more expensive.

However, there are a lot more London providers including the big Pilates brands such as Stott, that bothered me. I then came across Elite Pilates Teacher Training in Newton Abbot.

Tanja and I spoke extensively on the phone and she answered all my questions and concerns. She was so patient, understanding, and kind.

My main take-home from back then and still is on “wobbly” days is Tanja asking me whether I thought Usain Bolt’s coach could run faster than Usain! Of course he can’t but he knows how to train Usain and get the best out of his body.

I also now understand that clients actually prefer to have a ‘real’ teacher, one that understands and can relate to their regular body issues and concerns.

I signed up for the course and set about my revision. I then decided to postpone the course I had signed up for due to personal reasons and start the next course which was no problem to Tanja and Paul and they understood.

I’m not going to lie; the preparation for the anatomy exam is extensive, you do need to allow yourself enough time to do this prior to the start of the course.

BUT it makes so much sense to learn that anatomy before the course as you use it all of the time and the rest of the course makes so much more sense.

The actual course is very thorough and detailed.

Tanja and Paul are exceptionally lovely and warm people. This isn’t chalk and talk, it is very laid back, lots of practical, lots of Q&A.

They encourage you to ask loads of questions so that your understanding is very thorough.

Tanja is only a phone call or email away and gets back to you really quickly.

They have also created a detailed back catalogue of videos on most aspects of the course that you have access to not only during the course but forever once you have qualified.

This is amazing, it’s as simple as that!

The Elite Pilates Course has provided me with the self-confidence and knowledge to set up my own Pilates studio.

The level and depth of the information provided goes much further than the requirements of the YMCA.

As well as anatomy and how to actually teach Pilates, Tanja and Paul spend a lot of time discussing typical scenarios and modifications for clients who need specific adaptations for example those who have had hip replacements.

The basics of Setting up a business are also covered. If you wish to start your own business rather than just be a gym instructor at a leisure center then I thoroughly recommend this course; I feel thoroughly equipped to start a new pilates career.

I also feel like I can contact Tanja at any time post qualification to ask a question or check something; that is so valuable.

Tanja gives you her time warm-heartedly. I am so pleased I chose Elite Pilates as my Pilates teacher training provider, I will certainly be returning to do more of their courses.

I can’t recommend them highly enough if you wish to complete the Level 3 diploma so that you have the confidence in your own knowledge to be a good teacher.

Thank you Tanja and Paul.”

It’s so rewarding seeing our teachers go on to have successful careers – it really is like being a mumma bird watching her chicks leave the nest!🐥

If you’ve got that nagging feeling that this is something you really want to do, but you’re having the same doubts Beth did, then please get in touch (you can email me at and we can have a chat to see if now is the right time for you ​🙂 xxxxx

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