How can I grow my Pilates business?

Discover how with my 7 Tips to Boost your fitness marketing strategy!

I am often asked: 

Are Pilates studios profitable?

How can I grow my Pilates business?

How do I promote myself?

Should I pay for a newspaper advertisement?

I am overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start

So How did I Grow a Thriving Pilates & Yoga Business?


“I don’t need anybody’s help – I want to do it by Myself, I can’t afford to pay someone to show me”  Does this sound familiar at all?

It will seem counter-intuitive at first, you know when you are struggling to make any money, let alone a lot of money, but I paid a lot of money for a very good mentor and business coach. She showed me how and what I needed to do.

And I will share with you some of the lessons I had to learn the hard way – because I was too stubborn and wanted to do everything myself.

Understand your Audience

Avoid the temptation of trying to appeal to everyone! You do not need to appeal to everyone. You only have to have a small number of loyal clients. Clients that will sing your praises, and continue to buy from you.

Know who you wish to target, eg I’I want to work with females aged between 40 – 60 years old’. They are my ‘fish’. 

So I need to find out all about my ‘fish’. In other words, fish where your fish swim!

Focus your marketing on your target clients and speak to them about what you have to offer.


Show off your expertise!

You want to shine out from the rest, demonstrate you are good at what you do. Why should someone go to your studio classes? By making your knowledge stand out from your competitor.

Offer specialised classes:- Pilates for older people; Pilates for men; Pilates for golfers; Pilates for children etc

Utilise Social Media

You may not like it, you may not want to – but get over your limiting beliefs about using social media!

 Social platforms enable you to connect with both existing clients and any potential clients out there. I have had people follow my Facebook page for years, who eventually bought high-value services from me.

Social media is yet another way to demonstrate ‘you’. Your personality and also your expertise can shine out from your social platforms.


Offer a Taster Session

Can you remember being apprehensive about committing to a membership. “All that money I have to pay upfront – what if it’s not for me, or I don’t gel with the instructor”?

The answer: offer them a free class or if that doesn’t gel with you just offer a taster session – my advice makes it a ‘no brainer’ i.e give them it for free or greatly reduced fee. From their perspective, they have nothing to lose.

Get Testimonials – Success Stories

Would you buy a product or service if nobody else ever had? Most people would be apprehensive and hesitant to be the first. So show them, that not only have lots of people tried your service, but they were so excited and pleased that they gave you a glowing testimonial.

Ask existing clients or old ones for success stories or testimonials and use them! Put them on your Facebook page, webpage, and google my business page.

Blog – on a Regular Basis

Blogging is a great marketing tool to have in our arsenal, that will give your business increased visibility.

Blogging is another good way to also demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your field. Writing regular blogs can drive more visitors to your sales page, youtube, or Facebook page -wherever it may be where you can sell your services.

Blog about what you know, keep it informative.

Make Videos

Most of us are more than happy to write down what we are doing, and some are more than happy to take photos of ourselves and post them online – but not that many business owners are ‘as’ happy making videos and seeing themselves online. You need to get over this!

Be it Facebook, or YouTube, or your webpage, make videos and help increase your visibility. What’s more, it is extremely shareable. 

Videos can be instructions ‘how to do…’ style videos. Don’t be afraid to boast your services and expertise. Shorter videos can be used as your Facebook header, and even Google my Business page.

Get your SEO right and your video can rank in Google pages.

Profit with Pilates

You can be the best, be the most experienced, have the best-equiped studio with terrific instructors, but you need to tell the world and show and reach all those potential customers just what you can do for them.

Having a marketing strategy in place ( and avoid the top mistakes new Pilates instructors make) will play a key role in making your Pilates business stand out from the competition.

Much Love Tanja Foy x

Owner of Elite Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training Studio – Devon

We are based in Newton Abbot close by to Torquay in South Devon. We have Teacher Training students from mainly the South West of England but from further afield such as London, Birmingham, and Wales.

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