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Maybe you’re thinking about doing your Pilates and Yoga teacher training, but all these WHAT IF’s are coming to mind….

Have you ever wanted to do something and then you start thinking:

👉 What if my car breaks down?

👉 What if I fall down and hurt myself?

👉 What if I get a migraine?

👉 What if I can’t finish it?

👉 What if I fail the exam?

👉 What if _____________  (fill in the blank- I bet there’s quite a few you can come up)



Well what I’d like to let you in on – is that these are all limiting beliefs that are going to hold you back and one way you can overcome them is to face them head on.  

I’d like to take you through these what if’s from our point of view at Elite Pilates and Yoga teacher training.

🤜 So what if the car breaks down Have you got breakdown cover?  Get yourself and the car to a safe location and meet us when you can and if need be we’ll find a way to make up any missed time with you so that you don’t miss out on anything.

🤜 What if you fall and hurt yourself ❓ You could do that by getting out of bed, but we can find another way to do the training or if need be, under these circumstances we can postpone the course.   We have had someone injured in a car accident and we postponed her space until she was fit enough to return.    We do allow people to defer under special circumstances, once the course has started.

🤜 What if I get a migraine ❓ Go to bed and get yourself better.  There’s always another day to do whatever needs to be done.  Depending on the day you have to miss it might be content we can get you to do another day!   In fact we would encourage you to get home as soon as possible.   As a migraine sufferer myself I know how debilitating a migraine can be and your bed is the best place!

🤜 What If I can’t finish ❓   You are the only person that will stop yourself, as we are here to do absolutely everything to help you succeed.  

🤜 What if I fail the exam  ❓  Guess what, lots of people fail the exam, but it doesn’t matter if you need to resit it again…. And again……  and again…. You will eventually get through it!  Sometimes it might be that one of us just needs to sit with you to help you understand the question properly – often people are reading the questions incorrectly, but they do actually know the answer!

The truth is, whenever we even begin to think about making some kind of investment or not even that, whenever we think about stepping outside of what’s normal for us aka our comfort zone, our brains go into overdrive to get us back to that little comfortable place of safety.

Right? It’s afraid of change like this.   These are limiting beliefs and all those fears are ones that I have spoken to people about before.

Now we can’t blame our brains for doing this.

It is afterall, the brain’s job is to keep us safe and alive.🤯

But now that you’ve got all the answers and your brain is probably already coming up with even more “what if’s” and I could talk to you until I’m blue in the face and tell you how we’re committed to making sure you succeed so that by the end of the training >

🤜 You are confident, 

🤜 You are skilled and

🤜 You are knowledgeable

🤜 You are ready 🕺

But what I say is not going to make it all stop.   

Instead what you need is a complete reframe and turn it on it’s head and ask:


💜  You’re only delaying your own sense of achievement and fulfillment and an opportunity to create more time and freedom to do MORE of what you really want! 💜

If this is something you’re passionate about and something you’ve really been interested in pursuing, you’ll just be really frustrated with yourself and kind of kicking yourself if another year goes by and you haven’t taken action on your dream.

The truth is there are always unknowns and that’s exactly why we structured our Pilates and Yoga Teacher training the way we have, to make it more accommodating for real people with real challenges and it still gives you an opportunity to succeed in your goals!

“Don’t regret the things you did do, only regret the things you didn’t do!” ❣️

We are there to help you through all the lumps and bumps and it really comes down to ….

What if you don’t give yourself this gift and if you don’t pursue your goals, how will you feel then ❓

If you’re ready to take action and step out and not have any regrets then we’ve got some courses coming up that we’d love to invite you to!

Lots of love 

Tanja FOY


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