Yin Toe Stretch – It’s the Little Things in Life…

Stretch the feet and ankles, with a simple yet effective pose.  This great little pose stimulates all the energy channels in the lower body through this yin yoga toe pose.

It’s the little things in life. Toe squat – what is it good for? Good gait – how we walk and which muscles we use (or should use) as we are walking or running, is dependent upon toe mobility. That is the ability for the toes to be able to curl back and then – push off.

The push-off phase of our gait is dependent upon having toe mobility. Watch how people walk, some ‘lift the leg’ I call this Thunderbird Walking – they use their hip flexors to walk with! Do not neglect this very important pose over the more ‘Instagram’ friendly poses that make you look great!

Toe Stretch start Position – Hero Pose


Start by sitting on your heels with feet and knees together.

Curl the toes back as far as you are able – so as the balls of all the toes are resting on the mat.

Rest the hands on the thighs with the spine tall, the buttocks resting on the heels. If this proves too much of a strain, then lean forward slightly, placing the hands on the floor in front.

Don’t Forget Your Yin Props

You may wish, for comfort sake, to perform this pose on a blanket, with perhaps a blanket or cushion between the heels and bum.


A deceptive pose the toe squat, most people wish to add in  Eagle arms, and eagle arms with a forward fold…there is no need. For me, that shows people have lost sight of the simplicity of this vital pose. Vital for correct gait and walking. Get out of the thought pattern – ‘this is too simple, let’s confuse the pose and make it unnecessarily challenging as just sitting there is too easy’.