How do you know if its a Holiday, or a Retreat?

To the initiated into the world of yoga or pilates retreats, the question may not need answering. But I was, at one stage, new to that world of:- is it a holiday or a retreat; and what is the difference between, say a yoga retreat and a yoga. holiday?

Yoga Retreat Vs Pilates Retreat


 Generally those that attend pilates classes, usually attend as a result of an issue, perhaps low back pain, hip or knee issues. There is normally some underlying issue they wish to resolve or help to manage.

 Yoga student on the other hand tend to attend yoga sessions for increased flexibility, mobility and or for more spiritual related matters.

Clearly it is a Yoga ‘Holiday’

One of my first ‘retreats’ was one of plenty of yoga, but equally plenty of food – morning noon and late into the night. Along with this healthy food went lots and lots of alcohol. Whilst the resort had plenty of space to indeed ‘retreat;’ into yourself, most chose to socialise and play very loud music along with consuming alcohol a plenty. Do not get me wrong if you wished for peace and quiet, there was plenty of space to do so – if you chose. I chose not to. I was content to drink, eat and be merry, whilst doing plenty of yoga.

So clearly this was a Yoga holiday.

No ifs and or buts… this was a Yoga Retreat

On other occasions, I have ventured on a yoga retreat that was what one pictures and imagines it to be. Very idyllic, hot, excellent vegetarian food, no alcohol, lots of space – in fact, acres and acres of tropical forest and lodges dotted about to ‘lose’ yourself. It had meditation lodges dotted throughout. Plenty of space to genuinely retreat to. 


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