Fancy a Gong bath or a Tibetan Bowl Massage?

All things in our universe are constantly in motion, that is they are vibrating. Although everything has a natural frequency, a natural vibration, the size of this vibration are usually very low, it is difficult to measure.


 If the Big bang theory were correct, then there would be evidence of it in the fact that the Universe would have a very low back-ground radiation vibration. That is the Universe should be vibrating. Therefore everything in the Universe likewise would also be vibrating.


Sound Bath – Feel the Vibrations Running Through You


This background radiation vibration was discovered. It was shown that, yes indeed the universe vibrates.

On top of this everything has its own vibrational frequency. Your brain and brainwaves (by their very definition). How weird does that sound – even your thoughts vibrate!

Higher Vibration


It is hypothesized that your organs, your blood and your brain, every cell of your body have a certain vibration. If healthy it vibrates at a vibration (frequency); if ill it vibrates at another frequency. Prayers, hymns, chants, bells, gongs, and Tibetan singing bowls, etc all have, it is said, healing vibrational frequency. That to be bathed in healing vibrations can entrain our cells to vibrate at their natural healthy frequency.


Fancy a Gong bath or a Tibetan Bowl massage?

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