Different Types of Yoga – Yin, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha


Hatha & Yin @ the Studio


“ Welcome back to my youtube channel and thank you so much for watching. So today I am going to be talking about what different kinds of yoga I teach of the studio,  what we teach of the studio and then also just go into some detail about some other kinds of yoga’s.

So the main ones that we teach at the studio are Hatha yoga and yin yoga. And the reason we teach Hatha and Yin is that it’s hatha is the traditional yoga that all the other yoga’s have come from so you could say it was the grandfather of yoga or it’s like the main kind of yoga that was out there.

And the yin yoga is a very relaxed yoga which works completely different to all the other yoga’s it works on the connective tissues of the body so it’s done with a lot of support so a lot of blocking any equipment that you can use to relax muscles in your body so that you can actually work more into the connective tissues of the body like fasciae that’s wraps around all your muscles and stuff. So that is the styles that we teach at the studio (Elite Pilates & Yoga Studio – Newton Abbot DEVON).

YMCA Yoga Teacher Training


And for our Yoga Teacher Training Courses, we teach hatha yoga which again it’s where all the other yoga’s come from so it’s good to have a good understanding of hatha before going on – so I just wanted to let you know what styles of yoga we teach of studio and also about the teacher training course that we do which is hatha yoga.

Ashtanga / Astanga Yoga

The other kinds of yoga which you get out there – which I might do another video on why I don’t teach Vinyasa but. So you get Ashtanga-yoga which is a very very very strong yoga and a lot of teachers that I know that have important astanga for a few years as they are now getting older or really starting to feel the disadvantages should I say of having towards Ashtanga for all of the years.

 So you know pushing the body beyond what it’s meant to be doing pushing the body beyond what the capability of their body is so yes some people can quite naturally fit into and get into some of the postures because maybe they have a little bit more mobility in the muscles and all that kind of stuff but sometimes it has just been forced, where long-term injuries occur.


Vinyasa Flow – Too fast?


But you know a lot of the teachers now that are really suffering from teaching Ashtanga so there’s also vinyasa yoga is like a fast hatha yoga and it’s very focused on breath so I might as well talk about in this video but I think I’ll do another video as well so when it comes to vinyasa.

I personally don’t teach vinyasa in the studio I won’t say ever but rarely will I teach Vinyasa. Number one it’s not suitable for most of our clients – so we have clients who have got you know pins in their knees they’ve got knee replacements hip replacements, arthritis osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and all sorts of stuff like that so I really don’t think that vinyasa is beneficial for people with those issues, is not to say they can’t do it it’s just with the age group of our clients because we tend to have upwards. There is other things that we could do that are better for them like hatha yoga or Yin yoga.

So the other thing about the vinyasa is I find that people are struggling to keep up with the flow of the vinyasa and they’ve completely lost the whole concept of the asana practice. So being able to move and maintain holds or an asana with ease and with comfort. And I personally really love doing a vinyasa class, and there’s an amazing teacher in Cyprus – Vanessa who I absolutely adore, and she’s such a good teacher and she can really hold the class through that but she’s not whizzing through it and expecting everybody to keep up with it so it’s if you have a class that can maintain that flow of the breath and through it let their breath guide the movements through the vinyasa then yeah then I think it’s a really good thing


Bad Experience with Vinyasa


But just like for us personally and I get a lot of new clients who have gone too and Vinyasa is not the best class you go and do a first-time yoga and I’ve had a lot of clients who come through and who’ve done vinyasa is their first class or something and they’ve felt completely left behind in the class they’ve walked out feeling completely demoralized hating yoga never wanting to try another class again and it’s usually like the guys that I have for Pilates and I said all just come and try a yoga class I don’t want to have done that before it was awful we’ll just come and try it again.

So you know if you’re a vinyasa teaching you have the responsibility to make sure that you’re looking after those people in your class and if you think they are not suitable and they can’t keep up it’s either – you’ve got to give them something else to do; or you’ve got to say to them this is too advanced for you maybe try one of my easier classes because there’s your class that might turn other people off Yoga so so that why I don’t teach Vinyasa I just think people are so busy trying to keep up they’re not focusing on any other part of the breathing and they’re not focusing on the alignment they’re not focusing on anything apart from ‘oh shit what’s next up’ and down up and down and you know hours gone by and all they’ve done is been two steps behind trying to keep up so vinyasa.  Flow in the same vinyasa it’s just a little bit more gentle



Restorative Yoga Vs Yin Yoga


Restorative yoga falls on the lines of yin yoga just come from a different lineage so young Yoga is more Taoist restorative is not and I’m just trying to think of there’s loads of other yoga’s but those ones that I mentioned are probably the more popular yoga,  especially here in Devon in the UK sleepy little place so probably those are the ones we’re gonna get but you get Kundalini Yoga which is chanting and all that kind of stuff as well




Different kinds of Yoga


So that is the different kinds of yoga that we teach and I’m going to do another video just a shorter one on why I don’t use vinyasa at the studio but in the meantime, I hope that one has helped to let you know about the different kinds of yoga that your get out there so take care and I hope that was okay and helpful for you so – bye


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