Yin Yoga Butterfly Pose – With Modification


Butterfly Pose offers a low back and spine stretch, without the tightness of the hamstrings restricting you. This asana opens up the hips, whilst stretching the inner thighs – adductors. Both these areas tend to be too tight and restricted on most people. Be aware however if you suffer with sciatica, this pose may bring on symptoms – consider sitting on a cushion to raise the hips above the knees.

Starting Butterfly Pose

From a cross legged sitting position bring the soles of your feet together. The Hatha yoga pose, you may be familiar with, has the feet close towards the groin. We wish to avoid too much tension therefore slide the feet away from you.

Find Your Boundary in the Pose


Allow the spine to round forward until you find your boundary. Place the hands on the floor to support you.

Yin Yoga Props


If there is too much neck strain, rest the head in the hands. Raising the hips by sitting on a block may take some strain away making it more achievable for some. Consider using blocks or bolsters as support for head and or the legs or knees.

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