Why is it so difficult to Meditate ?

Do you find you are wearing the right outfit, you are sitting on your cushion in a ‘meditation’ pose, you have the mystic music playing, incense burning and forcing yourself to clear your mind of thought….you are trying so hard to force your mind to be still? Yet it just doesn’t happen

Meditation – More than just Sitting

Let’s look at Meditation beyond the conventional understanding of sitting and doing nothing.

Meditation an action or State of Mind?

Meditation is an action yet a meditative state is not an action. Sleep…often we may say ‘I am off to sleep. I am going to sleep”. But sleep doesn’t come. In the same way, I am going to meditate, yet meditation doesn’t happen.

Just Like Sleeping

In the same way we may prepare for bed, brush our teeth, we may put our pajamas on, lay down in bed, yet sleep doesn’t always come straight away, we lay down and wait and some nights we may wait and wait and wait.
Likewise we may sit in an attempt to meditate. Yet meditation doesn’t happen.
Some people attempting to meditate is like putting our pajamas on, and brushing our teeth, and lying down on the bed, without experiencing what sleep actually is. Sitting in a posture, with lovely music and incense burning is the same as putting out pajamas on and waiting for sleep.
So understand meditation as a state of mind, a state of awareness and not as an action.

Meditation – A State of Mind

Then you will understand meditation has a lot to do with our regular life, not just an act of sitting. Meditation has a lot to do with what we have done in the entire day, which reflects on our meditative state.
If you fought with a person in the morning, and had a hard day, then it may affect you going to sleep. Likewise what you did in the previous 23 ½ hours will affect your attempt at meditation for 30 minutes.
That is why in and ancient times meditation was never introduced at the beginning for any students. Yet today it is introduced early on. Getting students to sit and almost force them to meditate.
Meditation training is more than the action of sitting and forcing your mind to be quiet. You will only be frustrated.
This is where we need the science of karma Yoga, when science of karma yoga is practiced you are purifying the mind. You are coming from a hyperactive mind to a calmer pure state of mind. 
From such a state of mind, meditation happens.
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