Why is Spinal Mobility so important?

 “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible” is a popular quote from Joseph Pilates and is really what the whole Pilates repertoire is based upon. Joseph Pilates said something along the lines of; if you’re 30 and your spine is inflexible you are old. If you are 60 and your spine is flexible then you are young. Simply put – you are only as old as your spine is flexible!


Where to Start?

Where does one start to rejuvenate ones spine and increase its mobility, fluidity and flexibility?  Pilates! Of course, doing Pilates on a regular and consistent basis is your best choice.


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Regularity is the key. We have evolved for movement and mobility, not stuck in one posture or position for hours. Just think of driving or sitting at a desk for eight or so hours a day.


Pilates Moves to Increase Mobility


Here are some Pilates moves to help to improve your spine health, helping you in your youthful endeavors.


Spine Curls

A great glute movement as well as spinal mobility and fluidity.

The Saw 

A mix of spinal rotation and forward flexion – a Joseph Pilates original Classical move.

Childs pose


A basic, simple yet effective position for releasing tension alone the spine, particularly the lower back.

Spine Stretch

Great Pilates movement for releasing tension in the spine.

Single Leg Stretch

A nice and simple stretch for your lower back.


Much Love – Tanja FOY Elite Pilates & Yoga DEVON


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