Who Benefits From Pilates – Your Posture?

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What Are the benefits of Pilates on Posture

One frequent question that I get asked: is Pilates good for my posture? There are many benefits and good reasons for taking up Pilates. Even later in life, perhaps more so.yoga yoga yoga, Pilates benefits on Posture

Most notably it helps us to maintain what is considered ‘good posture’. I will delve into just how Pilates promotes better / good posture, improving our balance and strength, not to mention that dreaded word – the core. It is so overused with little understanding…but more on that in another Blog post.

I was often instructed to ‘stop sloughing’ ‘stand up straight’. If that is all we had to focus on then all well and good, but there is so much more to posture than just ‘stand up straight’. And this is where Pilates comes to the rescue, as our bodies fight against gravity.

So Does Pilates Improve Posture? And if so How?

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Well for one Joseph Pilates wasn’t so arrogant as to call his ‘system’ Pilates. No, he termed it Contrology. (For a video on his Mat work click here ) He believed in the connection between mind, body and soul. One had to control ones’ body, not be controlled by it, or dictated to. In fact his main focus was to improve our postures or rather ‘to control’ our postures (for more on Posture – Postural Analysis click herehere, and  here

As most instructors back in the day they also focussed on a strong and health mind. After all the mind is what controls our bodies. We shouldn’t just be like a Pavlovian dog moving on auto-pilot. Our movement should be thought out and controlled and made to move with deliberation – so to speak.

Pilates is excellent at not only improving our general health and wellbeing, in part by improving our posture, but it also improves flexibility, especially of the spine. This allows better control over the back, neck, hip and shoulder areas. Areas where pain is quite common for many of us. The system of movements helps us to increase the range of motion of our joints and arms and legs too. yin yoga, yoga course,pilates course, Yoga Teacher Training, Newton Abbot Devon south west

But Pilates is not ‘just’ about strengthening muscles it is also about stretching and using our bodies in various ways to improve mobility. As I say during classes it is not ‘just’ about muscles and tendons, the fascia plays a massive part in mobility, flexibility and movement. Use the whole body as Joseph intended – actually mother nature!

Regular Pilates movements will change your shape. No it will not make you lose fat / weight per se, but it will change and improve your body shape for the better. It will certainly make you more confident with a more positive outlook.

We are not doomed to grow old and decrepit. pilates course, Yoga Teacher Training South Devon, Pilates Teacher Training Devon,Pilates benefits on Posture

What does the Research Say on Pilates benefits?

Well even the NHS advises it! It is used by Physiotherapist, chiropractors Physical therapist and as I said even NHS Dr are recommending it. Click on the link for my other post about Pilates and the more ‘Mature’.

Can Pilates Improve Posture?

It was designed with that in mind. A most definite YES – and so much more besides.

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