One of the biggest fears I’m hearing at the moment from those wanting to do their teacher training is that they won’t be able to get clients online and I’m here to challenge that belief….❣️

Although we are slowly moving closer to the light at the end of the covid tunnel 💯, the world as we know it, will never be the same as pre-covid.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 🙌👏

Prior to COVID I could only dream of being able to do my favourite teacher’s classes live, at the moment with them as they live in different countries…..

👉 This has been one of the best things for me that has come out of COVID is that now I get to do my own practice with my favourite teachers and I absolutely love it! 💘

So even though there are thousands of teachers on YouTube etc it’s not them I want!  🙈

Those teachers don’t know me from a bar of soap and don’t have any personal connection with me.

Take Body Coach for example (who I love by the way).  He has millions of followers, but does he know each and every one of them personally?

No way…

ESPECIALLY now with lockdown and being so isolated people are desperate for CONNECTION! 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♀️

And they want CONNECTION in any way that they can get it…… ONLINE OR OFFLINE!

What has prompted me to write this was because of a huge insight I recently had…

I put out a questionnaire on FB specifically for people wanting to learn more about Yoga and what was stopping them and also what kind of classes would they like in the future….

I WAS RATHER SURPRISED to see how many people wanted either FB live classes, pre-recorded and zoom classes.

And do you know why? 🤷‍♀️

  1. THEY CAN STAY IN THE COMFORT OF THEIR OWN HOMES 🕺  (and this has nothing to do with covid… people have now realised how convenient it is and time-saving!)
  1. NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE THEM so especially people with low self-esteem – they can actually get to do something for themselves without feeling embarrassed or anxious
  1. They are looking for a COMMUNITY AND A SENSE OF BELONGING 💘 – they don’t want to the celebrity fitness guru! They want every day people like me and you who they can connect with and be a part of…… AKA YOUR TRIBE!

As I said I was actually really surprised myself by the results of this survey and I think it’s awesome as it is opening up the world to you.     Now instead of only focusing on the area you live in and can teach in – you can target ANYWHERE in the world!!!

Even when life returns to normal, I hope that my teachers will still have that option for me to do their online classes….

I know it’s something we plan on keeping at the studio, as many of our clients have asked us to keep them as it’s easier to get to some classes after work!

Some of our previously qualified teachers have told us how much they love online and don’t plan on going back to a venue, even when things settle!!!!

What I am going to be adding to our teacher training courses is a special masterclass on HOW TO GET ONLINE CLIENTS!   (really, it’s the same whether you want to grow your business online or offline, but I’ll be adding a little bit of extra information about the technical stuff 🙂

Don’t give up on your dream just because you think people don’t want online or “there are hundreds of teachers out there” because there is only one YOU and the way you connect with people 🙂

Lots of love!

Tanja xxx

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