What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?


Hi there, I am Tanja FOY and welcome back to my youtube channel, and today I wanted to have a very quick chat with you about why I don’t teach vinyasa yoga.

So I do get quite a few people that ask and the reason I don’t teach Vinyasa is because of well lots of reasons but so for me personally I love doing vinyasa and but I know my own capabilities and I know that I can really control my breath through the movement. So for me personally I really enjoy doing it but as a teacher and for the clients that I have in the studious and my clients are usually about 50 and upwards. They may have hip replacements knee replacements they may have shoulder issues arthritis osteo rheumatoid arthritis, you know. Woman with boobs woman with bellies so a lot real people, not 20-something ballerinas who can wrap their legs around so I deal with real woman and real bodies in the studio.

Struggling with Vinyasa?

For most people who have perhaps not that much exercise, who do very little exercise who have quite a lot of tightness in the body but vinyasa it’s just not the best kind of yoga out there for them.
And I find that through my own experience of trying to teach you got people being left behind in the class people just struggling to try and keep up and the whole principle of allowing the breath will guide the movement just goes out the window. And it’s also to me to try and make sure everybody is completely safe I have just opted to not to teach vinyasa at the studio, so I teach Hatha .


Hatha Yoga Class

I teach hatha yoga and I teach Yin yoga. So yin yoga is very slow very controlled on the floor there are no standing poses (well one). It was very relaxed and the whole body is supported by blocks and cushions and bolsters so the body can relax into a pose and allow the connective tissues of the body to release and open up and stretch.


Yin Yoga Classes


So it’s more really really so that is the yin yoga hatha yoga is a load of poses you know all the traditional poses that you get in vinyasa- warriors, trees, all the balance things, but they are held for a certain amount of breaths, which gives you that opportunity to get into the pose, to connect with your breath, and to let the breath dictate the movement of your body.

And I’ll just find it allows people that have got certain issues, it allows them to actually go into a pose and then to do their practice. So you know I’ve had people that come to my Pilates classes and I’ve said to them, why don’t you come and try yoga class I’ve tried yoga was awful I’ve got left behind I couldn’t keep up teacher wants me to do a headstand and all these horror stories. And then has turned people off of yoga completely.

Love your Yoga

So it’s really you know it does upset me because I love teaching yoga and I love teaching Pilates and I want people to do yoga I want people to do Pilates and you’ve got to make sure your clients are safe and that they can do stuff and as you as a teacher if you get anyone in your class and you doing a vinyasa, now and now no you don’t always have control who comes

into your classes and you might have someone who, who should never be in a vinyasa class and they’ve come to your advanced vinyasa class and it’s like it’s up to you as a teacher to say really this is probably not the most suitable class for you and I need to make sure that you safe and that you get the most out of your class so actually I don’t think you should come to this class.

 I come to that class or if I was going to teach a vinyasa class I’d see it from a very basic level of baby so I call them baby Sun Salutations, you’re not even coming up and down, because that’s that’s the issue with a lot of people, is they can’t get up and into a plank into that shape. They can’t do that up and down so I’ll start from baby Sun Salutations using a cat you know into small chaturanga and little Cobras taking it back into a cat. So that little flowing movements and then so I’ll do that for a couple of rounds.

Then I might take it into a standing back to cat standing back to cats. So and I kind of build it up so that maybe by the sixth round then everyone in the class is something to work. And its hard as a teacher because I’ve still got a queue for each of those levels so that people still know what they’re doing. And then I will board onto with them, but then at least I know everybody in the class has got something that they can work with.

So If you can’t do a push-up in a plank or chaturanga in a plank – right you know how to do that safely, properly and then every level  they know what they are doing. So if I was going to teach it just depends upon who is in the class. And like I said there are times that I will teach it, it just depends who’s in the class.


So if I was going to teach a vinyasa I would make sure that I had, you know there weren’t a client’s with metal knees, and knee replacements, hip replacements. Because I know my client’s bodies and likes it because of the way I run my studio I know who’s going to be in the class and I know of any issues that they might have. So I don’t get people just I do get people coming off the street but I’ve spoken to them first so it’s a very controlled environment that I have.

And I know when you work in a leisure center, in a gym,  it’s so hard you’ve just got this influx of people coming in. But I hear such horror stories and I –  it does it really upsets me that people go to a class and they leave feeling awful, because that’s not your job as a teacher. Your job is there to look after people.


If I Taught a Vinyasa Class

And I’m going to be doing another video about teacher training tips or teaching tips and stuff like that. So I just think there are other things we could do that are better for our clients more controlled safer where they get more out of it and where they feel better about themselves then leave vinyasa class thinking of fucking hated that and that is honestly how some people feel when they’ve leftover near so class.

So there was a little potty word – deal with it, ha ha ha So thank you very much for watching, and I’ll see in the next video, which I’m going to be doing about teaching tips, and this is for Pilates teachers. Well, actually any kind of teacher Pilates is Zumba whatever is I’ve got some tips on how to be a better teacher.

So I’ll catch you in the next video thank you for watching and do subscribe to our channel or get notifications of when more videos come out and I’ll stop there will be some exercise ones coming out soon as well.

So take care bye x

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