Our Top 7 Books That Made a Difference

Reading books was never at the top of my list for hobbies or ways of keeping myself entertained, however, this all changed when I started looking further into self-development to not only grow as a person but to grow my business too. During my journey, there have been so many books that made a difference. 

The invention of a particular app has made “reading” so much easier and faster…..  I’ve spent many a journey with this app and it’s now my number one go to for “reading”.

Actually, I read very little nowadays…..  Audible now allows me to LISTEN to my books and it’s been a lifesaver, as I get easily distracted!  Paul and I will often sit and listen to a book when we’re driving to Wales or Kent.

What I do love about Audible is that I pay £7.99 per month for 1 credit and most months I don’t actually use the credit so I save them.   The best part is that when I hear of a good book I quickly go onto Audible and search for the book I’m after and it’s usually priced at £20 or upwards, but I get to have the book for £7.99 so it’s a win-win…

If I listen to a book and love it I will actually go and buy the book in paper form and then I’ll listen to the app AND read it at the same time!

There have been so many books over the years that I’ve read.  Some, I felt, was a complete waste of my time and others are what we have actually used to model our business and our life around!

So you want to know what our favourite books are?

Let’s get started…


Oversubscribed Book Cover

This book has got to be the best book we have ever listened to AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN….  It’s got loads of nuggets and talks about pricing, looking after your clients …

Our favourite part of the book is when they talk about Ferrari not worrying about people that can’t afford their prices, they focus on people that can afford their prices.  When you set your prices, you will at some point exclude a section of the market… AND THAT IS OKAY… this book will change the way you see this and give you confidence that you can actually charge more than other people doing the same thing as you – providing you are delivering the best possible service!


Now I’m sure you’ve heard of the chattering monkey in your head that wants to keep you safe and certainly not putting yourself in the way of growth and stepping out of your comfort zone.  You know that little voice that tells you that you haven’t got enough experience, or you don’t know enough or who do you think you are to become a Pilates Teacher etc…

We all have that little voice in our heads.

Michael Singer has a brilliant way of explaining how to become the observer of our thoughts in a very simple and easy to understand way… That even I can get it!

Ever tried meditation before and you try to “observe your thoughts”…  It’s not as easy as it sounds… or is that just me….?? LOL!

Michael refers to that voice as a room-mate… and it really does make it a lot easier to understand the voice and how it practically runs your life… IF you allow it to!


First of all this is NOT a religious book in case some of you may be scared off by it.   It’s a written narrative between a man and “God”, but not in any religious aspect of churches etc.  

It’s a narrative that challenges how we view good/bad / events and challenges in our life.  Who told you something was bad. Okay I’m going to get a little gross but it’s simple to understand and you’ll get what I mean.

Who told you it was “bad” or “wrong” to pick your nose….?

Your parents and teachers did…. Where did they learn it from?

I could go into much detail but I won’t, however, what I will say this book really opened my eyes to how I used to think of things as good/bad or right/wrong, when in fact they are neither, they just ARE….


This is one of the most recent books I’ve “read” and it sure as hell put a firecracker up my booty!   Sometimes we can get very comfortable doing “just enough” to keep us going OR we under-estimate how much work a certain project is going to take .. and it doesn’t just relate to work or building your business, it refers to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you do in your life.

If you want an amazing life you have to put more 10 X more effort into than what you anticipated….  and actually when it’s your own dream you’re building,  working 10 X more than you expected isn’t so bad!

It’s an American author so very “Americany – Hypie” but if you can get past that – it’s a great read and in fact, I’m onto my second time of listening to it…  saying that…  if you’re reading it from an actual book – you won’t get the hyped up American author! LOL although now that I’ve listened to it – I do love it… gets the juices flowing!!!


Many people had recommended this book to me and I was expecting a step-by-step formula for success.

I was rather surprised when I started to realise there were no secrets to success.  There was no winning formula and I was actually quite disappointed, however as it had been recommended by lots of people, my curiosity led me to continue listening to it…

And I am so glad I did…

It’s about a journey of a boy/man who is in search of the treasure….  He goes on travels around the world and encounters life-changing experiences… and……

Well, I think you’ll have to read it to find out – I would hate to ruin it for you!


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GO….

Actually, I’m still not the most energized person in the morning and I certainly don’t jump out of bed like a rocket…

However, what has changed after listening to this book is actually just getting stuff down or taking that chance.

Previously when I’ve had an idea about something I’d sit and ponder it and of course all the negative self-talk would convince me it was a really stupid idea and I’d very rarely actually follow through.

Now if I get an idea – I take action straight away.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t achieve it or do that very thing straight away, but take action..  Any kind of action that is going to bring me closer to my goals.

For example, recently I was contacted by several people wanting pilates classes in Plymouth and I had a little light bulb moment of “ooh maybe I should start classes in Plymouth” and within seconds I could hear that little voice saying

“Ah no that’s going to be too much hard work / who is going to teach / that’s just crazy / how you going to do that”

What I would normally have done is shrug the whole idea off and forget about it.

Now, I actually shrugged the chattering monkey off, 5-4-3-2-1 what step can I take to achieve this – so I googled for halls etc in Plymouth and that was the start, 5-4-3-2-1 what’s the next step?  Teachers – out goes a FB post for Pilates teachers in Plymouth.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and this book will show you how to take steps every day whether it’s big or small …  EVERY step will count, but you’ve gotta take them in the first place!


Last but not least.  It wasn’t easy putting the books in any particular order as they have all helped tremendously in some way.

This book is about playing big….  going for it and exceeding all your expectations.

It’s not so much about manifesting big stuff in your life, but it is about dreaming for bigger goals and achieving more in your life.   DON’T be realistic…  I think it was WILL SMITH that said

“Being realistic is the most common path to medocrity”

and who wants to live a mediocre life???

If you don’t aim high you’ll never achieve the great things you want to achieve and people that need you in their life will miss out!! You are doing them a disservice by not aiming high and THINKING BIG

So there you have it!   I absolutely love these books and I’m always going back to them and making notes and picking up new tips.  You’ll be surprised how much you don’t pick up when you listen to a book only once.

You will hear what you need to hear when you hear it. Sometimes I listen to a book like “Oversubscribed” for about the 10th time and I hear a piece and think – I’ve not heard that before – how did I miss it!

if you have any great books I’d love to hear from you – I’m always eager to expand my library!!!

I hope these help you as much as they have helped me!

Lots of love from Newton Abbot DEVON

Tanja x

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