How to Do Tree Pose (Vrksasana) in Yoga

Tree Pose is a relatively basic and often the first standing balance pose that is taught in Yoga. Depending upon your balance and any issues such as hips, ankles or knee problems you may have, tree pose can be tricky. its not as simple as it may look.

Benefits of Tree Pose

This pose opens up the hips and groin area. This Pose strengthens the supporting, leg, hips and ankle. It gently stretches the adductors whilst challenging balance. As it also works the peroneals it greatly benefits lateral stability, and ironically, can help prevent falls.

Instructions for Tree Pose

  • stand in tadasana
  • Stand with weight on one leg rooted to the ground,
  • lift heel of other leg maintaining balance,
  • and place that heel on thigh or calf of standing leg.
  • Place hands in front of heart – prayer fashion. Hands can be extended to ceiling.
  • Then repeat on other side/leg.

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