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Let’s meet the course tutors…

I am proud for you to meet the Elite Pilates training team. Our accredited teacher training providers are leaders in the Pilates industry in England UK.

I am a Pilates and yoga instructor. I own my own Pilates studio / yoga studio (next to Plant World), St Marychurch Rd, Newton Abbot TQ12 4SE DEVON.

I am so proud of what I have achieved, and delighted to have a great team about me. Let us introduce ourselves.

We are a husband and wife team living in Kingsteignton Newton Abbot, South Devon. Yes, we are so lucky to live here!. Our passion for health and fitness led us to the lives that we live now – but it certainly has not been an easy road.   Becoming a Pilates Teacher is an exciting step forward, even more so when you actually decide you’re going to build a business from it.

Building the business side of it – to suit YOUR lifestyle is the area where we shine above the rest. We are not JUST a training provider, we are a fully functioning SUCCESSFUL pilates and yoga studio, not something many Pilates Teacher Training providers can claim!

So let me explain what I mean by SUCCESSFUL, as I do know it can mean different things to different people. My husband Paul and I started the “business” as a hobby. We were both working full time in the Police in Devon & Cornwall.

Pilates Certificated Qualification – YMCA Level 3 Diploma

We attended a YMCA level 3 Diploma course in Pilates Mat work. But that didn’t guarantee us success. We made lots of mistakes that cost us a lot of money (yes .. like printing 6000 fliers that were hardly used to name just one).   Tanja then completed several yoga teacher training qualifications.

The big change for us was making the decision to invest in the business and we hired a marketing coach….. AND Things changed… We both left our full-time police jobs, as I was ill with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and spent 7 months having therapy. Paul was also made redundant at the same time.

Taking on a fitness business coach was the best decision we made. We went from having a hobby to building a business hitting almost £100k within three years of opening our studio!

I went on to actually becoming a coach for the marketing company. I spent a year coaching other fitness, health and wellness professionals on their businesses and together we achieved fantastic results.

elite teacher training teamI then made the decision to leave the coaching to start a second business, our teacher training school. I now have my studio and group Pilates classes in Torquay, Paignton & Plymouth.We now both work full time in the studio. By full-time, I mean Paul teaches roughly 12 hours a week – and that’s his work for the week done. I work about 20 hours in the business and that’s my week done.

Pilates/Yoga Teacher– Career or Hobby?

Now I know and I heard it MANY times before that “You can’t make money from teaching Pilates”…

AND I’m here to tell you … YOU CAN, (Click here for my blog post)

With the right mindset, with the right training and support YOU CAN….. And we would be very honoured to be able to assist you on your journey to building the life and business that you desire.

We are truly blessed to live the life that we have and want to help others achieve their dreams!

Lots of Love xxx

Elite Pilates & Yoga Services (Teacher Training) Newton Abbot DEVON .

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