Grow Your Pilates & Yoga Business

One thing they DON’T teach you at your training school is HOW TO SET UP A BUSINESS AND GROW IT!   I’m sure there was some kind of input like get some business cards and flyers.  But apart from that the information provided by training providers is NOT enough to help you get your business off the ground and earning money quickly!

Perhaps you’ve been plodding along in your business for a few years and you’r tired of the contiuous struggle.  When I first started my business I had absolutely NO idea how to run a business.    I was a Police Officer!  What did I know about business!!

Now that we offer Pilates and Yoga Teacher Training I decided it was a much needed skill for teachers to grow YOUR business to earn money regularly AND to try and have a business that was running efficiently around what YOU want.

Along came the first online course that I have created.   As part of this course you will also get ACCESS to my new course GET MORE CLIENTS MAKE MORE MONEY, as this new course goes far more into depth than module 2 below and some extra bit!

The Modules of this course include:

  • Module 1:  Deciding what you want out of life.  We often know exactly what we don’t want.  But do you know what you DO want from your life?   Create a business around what you want out of life like holidays, more time with your children or whatever your heart desires.   Learn how to achieve this during this module!


  • Module 2:
  • Part 1 – Who you love to work with?   Discover who your ideal client / client avatar is and how you can create a business working with lots of the people you love!   It will seriously make everything so much more enjoyable when you love all the clients that come through your doors!
  • Part 2 – You will also learn about the marketing message that will attract your favouorite clients to YOU!
  • Part 3 –  Your Offering.  This is what will help your favourite clients build trust and help them to take that first step to come to your classes.
  • Part 4 -Making Your Offering.  Learn how to offer your services to these new clients visiting your studio.


  • Module 3:   How to package your service up and price them.  Also learn who you must NOT do when it comes to pricing!  (This alone has made such a huge impact on my business!).  Learn how automating your payments will keep clients coming back regulary and you won’t have to spend hours chasing clients for money!


  • Module 4:
  • Part 1 – Business Systems.  Creating structures within the business to save you time teaching new staff, re-writing emails, policeis and procedures to create consistency when it comes to how things are dealt with and the service you provide to your clients.  Ever wander why McDonals is so successfull?  No matter what shop you go into – it is the SAME.   They have a very good business model in place and that’s because of the business systems that they’ve worked very hard on building.
  • Part 2 – Planning is super important.  Ever get up in the morning and never know what you’re going to do that day.  You get to the end of the day and you’ve been very “busy”, but actually you’ve achieved nothing!   You’ll receive my own planners which help keep me focused on a daily, weekly and monthly basis!   It’s taken me forever to build the discipline to PLAN and it has made a huge difference when it comes to meeting my goals consistently and constantly.
  • Part 3 – KNOW YOUR NUMBERS.  If you don’t know your numbers there’s no way you can run a successful business.  Apart from knowing what your income and expenditure is, do you know how much you’re spending on advertising and what your return of investment is?   Do you know how to work out how many clients you need in order to reach your financial goals?  By the end of this module you’ll have a far better understanding and you’ll know where to put more money or where to stop spending.


  • Module 5: During my time a marketing coach for fitness, health and wellness professionals, I found that this was the area that many people thought they didn’t need help with, when in fact it is the MOST important part of any marketing or running of your business.


  • Module 6:  Ensuring you continue with your CPD (Continued Professional Developement).  This also includes a list of my recommended books!   CPD doesn’t necessarily mean more pilates and yoga courses.  THIS course is professional development.  PS This course would be accepted as an expense for your business!!!


  • Module 7:  Self care and why it’s sooooo important!   We’re always putting everyone else first, but when it comes to putting your all into your business YOU are YOUR business and you need to look after YOU!

This 10 week course is delivered weekly into your inbox and you’ll have access to all the videos and Worksheet PDFs!

Don’t forget that you will receive access to the GET MORE CLIENTS, MAKE MORE MONENY 8 week, which goes into much more depth into the actuall marketing and getting clients through the door!  This course normally costs £397 but is included in this course!

The investment for HOW TO GROW YOUR PILATES & YOGA BUSINESS online marketing course is  £597.

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