Get More Clients, Make More Money E-Course

This one of the hardest things for business owners to do and I’m sure that if you’ve been in business for a while, or perhaps you’r a new teacher…. somewhere along the line you’ve turned up for a class and no one was there!   (I remember I used to hide behind the door of one of the studios I used to teach because I felt so embarrassed! LOL)

However that’s something that doesn’t happy to me anymore and this 8 week online course will help you to fill your classes and get them paying you regularly and automatically!

The Modules of this course include:

  • Module 1:  Who do you actually want to work with?   There is nothing worse than having a client who sucks the life out of you and you dread helping!  In this module I’ll help you to discover who your ideal client is.  Who is the person you love teaching and serving?


  • Module 2:  Your Marketing Message.   In this section I will show you HOW to attract that ideal client into your studio!  This will help you to get the right people into your classes and more of those favourite clients you love serving!


  • Module 3:   Your Offering.  This is what will help your favourite clients build trust and help them to take that first step to come to your classes.


  • Module 4:   How to package your service up and price them.  Also learn who you must NOT do when it comes to pricing!  (This alone has made such a huge impact on my business!).  Learn how automating your payments will keep clients coming back regulary and you won’t have to spend hours chasing clients for money!


  • Module 5:  Making Your Offering.  Learn how to offer your services to these new clients visiting your studio.


  • Module 6:  Different Kinds of Marketing.  There are so many ways to market your business.  I will show you two of the most popular methods and I’ll introduce you to a few others so you can get an idea of what might work best for YOU and your business.


  • Module 7:  Mailchimp and Sign Up Forms (What is that?).  Start collecting information from clients so that you can continue to market to them AND use Mailchimp for online marketing.  I’ll show you what it is, how it works and I have a special bonus video where I show you how to set it all up!


  • Module 8:  Mindset.   During my time a marketing coach for fitness, health and wellness professionals, I found that this was the area that many people thought they didn’t need help with, when in fact it is the MOST important part of any marketing or running of your business.


  • BONUS:   I’ve created this section to provide you with STEP-BY-STEP videos of how to do everything from setting up FB pages, creating posts to setting up Mailchimp and Sign Up Forms.   I know that everyone is not a computer wizard so this will literally show you step by step how to do it all!!!!   These skills have taken me YEARS to teach myself and I know that it will make your life so much easier with these videos!

This 8 week course is delivered weekly into your inbox and you’ll have access to all the videos and Worksheet PDFs!

What would it mean to you if you knew EXACTLY how to get more clients and you knew EXACTLY how many people were turning up to your classes?   How will it change your life if you knew EXACTLY how much money was coming in every month?  Once you have discovered the winning formula that works for YOUR business you’ll be able to get clients through the door like water running out of a tap!

The investment for GET MORE CLIENTS, MAKE MORE MONEY online marketing course is  £397.


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