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How to Grow Your Business Quickly

I used to struggle to grow my business.   I didn’t have any issues keeping clients, but the struggle I had was getting new clients through the door.

One day I came across an online coaching program and invested in my business (and myself) and joined a 12 months coaching program.  Within the first 3 months alone I took my business to nearly £3k per month.

I went on to do another year and then I was actually asked to join their team as one of marketing coaches, which I did for another year!  I got to work with mostly Pilates & Yoga business owners, as that’s my own area of expertise and it was a huge learning curve not only for the clients I was priviledged to help but for me as a coach and business owner.

Like you are with your clients – we are teachers to each other – just in different ways!

So….does this sound like you?
  • You’re recently qualified, looking to grow your classes?
  • You feel disheartened?
  • You didn’t realise it would be so hard, but you’re not giving up?  (don’t worry we’ve been there!)
  • You know you’re a great teacher…but…
  • held a class and no one turned up, yet still had to pay for hall hire?
  • inconsistent class numbers and not fully booked?

  • You realise there’s lots they DIDN’T teach you on your teacher training course
  • You have come to realise they didn’t show you how to grow your business
  • You feel frustrated as you know you are a good teacher, yet start doubting your abilities
  • You know deep inside that there must be another way to grow a successful business

Whether you want to learn how to Get More Clients or whether you want to learn how to restructure and build the fitness or health business as a whole, there’s an course for you!

Your business courses are delivered online with homework to complete.  This allows you to work at your own pace and a time that suits you best.

The fitness & health courses are delivered on a weekly bases to allow you to work through each module properly.  If you’re like me you may prefer it all in one go, but from my own experience I have discovered that receiving the information week by week has encouraged me to take more time with the learning and implementing and my results have been far better!

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