So we are back for the extended hand to be toe. The Sanskrit for that is so long I don’t know how to pronounce it so…so anyway extended hand to big toe another balancing posture. So I am actually going to demonstrate this from baby one up to the big one. So that you know how to teach this in class, for people that won’t necessarily get into the full pose. But then again something you can do is to do it next to a wall

So as always with any balancing, we are going to activate the glutes, make sure the pelvis is nice and stable. And I might just get someone into this position first ( with one knee lifted up towards the same shoulder, and hold that knee with both hands) Just to get their balance.

So what you want to be checking is that the shoulders are not up[ to there by the ears but down, standing nice and tall. Make sure there is activity throughout the body. So chest up.

The second stage the same hand on the same lifted leg, and you are going to take the leg out to the side, and then hold it into that position (with other arm extended out shoulder high to the side in a mudra).

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Then the other option is taking a strap placing it under the lifting foot and bringing straight leg up to the front leg parallel to the floor. And then send the leg out to the side. Now I am just going to do this from the side.

Sometimes I will do this against a wall, just so that people can get an idea of the pro-preceptors because what can happen with this one people will try to counterbalance and lean back. So they will lift this leg and they will go back there – leaning back into it. So I will get people to lean their back against a wall, just so they can fell how they should be feeling if they were on the floor away from the wall – so you can do that as well.

So again – Mudras different hand gestures that you can have there. And then come back to the front.

And then, those that have got the flexibility in their legs – peace fingers wrapped between the big toe and the second toe. You then push your toe into the fingers (get your balance) and then take it up and out to the side.

So the involved shoulder wants to be down. Think of lengthening up as some tend to twist, and obviously you might get someone that is just to there – with a large bend in the involved leg, and that’s okay. Eventually, they will get there.

So again we want to move away from this idea that ‘that’s what it looks like in the book. So I am going to demonstrate my right leg because it is not my most flexible side. But if I never practice that side, then I am never going to be as good as the better side.

You might get people in the class (balance) who can …as you can see both my legs are slightly bent. Now I could probably straighten the top leg but not the other one!

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose - Uttihita Hasta Padangusthasana

But that is all okay because that is how they will eventually get there.

So you have the strap; you can do it against the wall, or you have this one – demonstrate involved leg bent 90’ out to the side. So lots of different options for your Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose – Uttihita Hasta Padangusthasana.

There is also one on the floor – demonstrates lying on floor strap on involved leg taking the extended leg out to the side.  So maybe one to perform lying down if it was to improve on their flexibility, just take the balance out, and that will help them to get a little bit better.

So Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose – Uttihita Hasta Padangusthasana – Bye

Tanja x

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