Alan Watts – Guided Meditation


I have recorded a youtube video on a guided meditation. But I can not take any credit at all. The credit and genius behind this recording go to Alan Watts. I highly recommend almost absolutely everything that Alan Watts has recorded – that you can find on YouTube. 

I have transcribed the recording and I have included the recording and my transcript on this blog post. Give it a go, it is simple, straighforward, and most of all it is effective.

Guided Meditation


Now the easiest way to get into the meditative state is to begin by listening. If you simply close your eyes and allow yourself to hear all the sounds that are going on around you.

Just listen to the general hum and buzz of the world as if you were listening to music don’t try to identify the sounds you are hearing don’t put names on them simply allow them to play with your eardrums and let them go. Let your ears hear whatever they want to hear.

Don’t judge the sounds, there are no proper or improper sounds, and it doesn’t matter if someone coughs, sneezes or drops something –It is all JUST sound and it gives you more to listen too.

Listen to the sound of my voice just as if it were noise. Don’t try to make sense out of what I am saying, because your brain will take care of that automatically.

You don’t have to try and understand anything just listen to the sound.

You will find that you naturally can’t help but identify the sounds. That you will go on thinking – talking to yourself inside your head automatically. But do not try to repress those thoughts don’t force them out of your mind.

As you hear sounds coming up in your head – thoughts, you simply listen to them as part of the general noise going on, just as you listen to cars going by. So look at your own thoughts as just noises.

And soon you will find that the so-called outside world and the so-called inside world come together they are happening. Your thoughts are happening just like the sounds outside. And everything is simply a happening and all you are doing is watching it.

Now in this process, another important thing that is happening is that you are breathing and as you start meditating you allow your breath to run just as it will. Don’t try to do any breathing exercises. Just watch your breath breathing just the way it wants to breathe.

And then notice a curious thing about this – you say in the ordinary way I breath’ because you feel that breathing is something you are doing voluntarily just in the same way you might be walking but you will also notice that when you are not thinking about breathing your breathing goes on just the same.


Is Life Just Happening to Me – Or Do I Have a Role To Play?


So the curious thing about breath is that it can be looked at both as a voluntary and involuntary action. You can feel on the one hand – I am doing it and on the other hand ‘It is happening TO me’ and that is why breathing is a most important part of meditation because it is going to show you as you become aware of your breath that the hard and fast division that we make between what we ‘do’ on the one hand and what happens ‘to us’ on the other is arbitrary.

So that as you watch your breathing you will become aware that both the voluntary and involuntary aspects of your experience are all one happening!

Now that may seem scary because you may think am I just a puppet of the happening a mere passive witness to what is going on- beyond my control or on the other hand am I really doing everything that is going on am I responsible!

The truth of the matter is that BOTH things are true. You can see what is happening to you and on the other hand, you are doing everything.  Your eyes turn the sun into light nerve endings in your skin detect heat or cold –you your senses are creating the world.

But when not talking about it or thinking about it then there is just this happening of it.



Listen and Breathe


Now when you breathe for a while just letting it happen and not forcing it in any way you will discover a curious thing, that without making any effort you can breath more and more deeply.

In other words, suppose you are breathing out, you get the sensation that your breath is falling out. Dropping, dropping, dropping out.

With the same feeling, you have as if you are settling down into an extremely comfortable bed. And you just get as heavy as possible and let yourself go and you let your breath go out in just that way and when it is thoroughly comfortably out and it feels like coming back again you  don’t pull it back in you let it fall back in

Letting your lungs expand, expand, expand until they feel very comfortably full and you wait a moment and let it stay there and then once again you let it fall out.

And so in this way you will discover that your breath gets naturally easier and easier and slower and slower and more and more powerful.

And so with these various aids listening to sound, listening to your interior thoughts just as something that was going on not as something you are doing but just  happenings, and watching your breath as neither voluntary or involuntary .you are simply aware of these basic sensations – you are in a state of meditation

But don’t hurry anything, don’t worry about the future, don’t worry about what progress you are making just be content to be aware of what is!

Don’t be particularly selective about what you ‘should be’ thinking of.  Just watch whatever IS happening.

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