Course Bonuses


1. FREE Access to my new online course

“How to Grow Your Pilates/Yoga Business”

The first Bonus is a very special bonus, as this is something that I would have given my left arm for.. or even my right!   I was so excited when I finished my course I didn’t even stop to think about how I would start classes and make money from them.  We all want to make back the money we paid as quickly as we can!

I knew absolutely nothing about starting a business nevermind growing one into a successful 6 figure business, as I have now…

Well at least this was me when I first started and it took me several years and thousands of pounds invested in my own education to learn how to GROW my Pilates business.

So….. your first bonus is going to be FEE access on my online course that I created especially for those going through our Yoga and Pilates Teacher Training courses.  More often than not the questions I get asked prior to those attending the course is what happens after the course.

Although we do cover business on the course, it is very limited and it is what’s required by YMCA.  I can tell you now it is nowhere near enough and this certainly won’t GROW your Pilates business as quick as possible.

This is NOT a magic pill and there’s still hard work required but this online course and will give you guidance about what to do.  This is not a coaching program, however, it will help you to start your business and as a result in a huge head start for you, compared to others who are just starting their Pilates and Yoga Teaching careers.

This online course covers the following topics:

  • Module 1 Goals / Commitment
  • Module 2 Client Avatar / Kinds of Marketing
  • Module 3 Online Bookings / Payment Processors / Pricing
  • Module 4 Business systems / Numbers
  • Module 5 Mindset
  • Module 6 CPD
  • Module 7 Self Care

I honestly do believe that this online E-Course is just as valuable as the Teacher Training itself.  After all, you could be the most amazing teacher out there but if no one knows about you and you don’t know how to run your business then what will that matter.  You really do need to understand that YOU are not only a teacher but now also a business owner and it is a very exciting time for you!

2. Better Training Manuals, approved by YMCA

We have published our own training manuals (YMCA approved). We have used all our experience of running a studio, and the challenges you’ll face when you start running your own classes, to create these manuals. They are focused on Pilates and offer a deeper insight into being a Pilates Teacher and compliment the manuals provided by YMCA, which are very generic.

One manual, in particular, will provide you with over 35 extra pilates exercises.   These extra exercises will allow your clients to learn from a basic beginners level before introducing them to the Classical!


3.  Access to FREE Pilates Class

You will have access to attend our Friday and/or Saturday classes for FREE if there is space available.


4. Access to our YouTube Channel

Last, but certainly not least.  We have posted over 300 videos relating to Pilates exercises, anatomy and teaching and we continue to add to it on a daily basis.  Our anatomy videos are a great resource not only for your exams, but to have even when you qualify.

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