Child’s Pose – The Yin Way

Stretch the back muscles with this restful and nerve-calming pose. Of great benefit as a pose in its own right, most beneficial for the body for anytime you feel it is needed – especially after any extension work. For me it is a great pose for practicing pratyahara – the drawing in of the senses – forget the rest of the world and withdraw into your own body and mind.

Starting Child’s Pose


From a kneeling position – bum on heels, big toes touching with the knees slightly apart. Slowly fold forward extending the arms out in front of you, until your chest touches the thighs and the head touches the ground.

For a great shoulder relaxation, the arms may be placed by the sides of the body – palms facing up. This may place some tension in the neck, so open knees wider and extend the arms further apart.

Yin Yoga Props 


You may wish to place a block or blanket under the head. This may reduce any neck tension. For greater comfort place a blanket under the chest.

A gentle rocking from side to side can prove to be very soothing in this pose.

This pose may cause issues and may need to be avoided for those with knee issues. A blanket between calves and the thighs may reduce any discomfort.

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