Become a Yoga Teacher (YMCA Level 3 Practitioner)


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Become a Yoga Teacher (YMCA Level 3 Practitioner)

Level 3 Yoga Practitioner Course Info


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Yoga Course Information

The course covers a wide variety of subjects within yoga and the health and fitness industry. This course requires quite a bit of self-study, which is what Yoga is.  The study of self.  Whilst we cover philosophy etc in the course we main to spend as much of your practical time teaching you asanas and teaching you teaching skills.

We take pride in our standard of delivery and only take a maximum of 12 students at a time so that we can offer you all individual attention throughout the course!

There are several parts to this Level 3 Yoga Practitioner qualification, explained briefly below.

  • Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Multiple Choice Exam
  • 3 Online Question Worksheets
  • 1 Written Question Worksheets
  • Self Practice Journal
  • Philosophy and Fundamentals of Yoga
  • Programming a Yoga Teaching Session
  • Delivering a Yoga Group Teaching Session.

A thorough understanding of all of these topics is necessary to be a good Yoga Teacher, but not a necessity as many of these subjects will be broken down during the course. Before you attend the training studio for your practical days, you’ll start your distance learning where you will be able to start studying for the Level 3 Multiple Choice Exam, which is held on the FIRST day at the studio. Once you have registered you will receive all your YMCA manuals for your distance learning. A thorough knowledge of the Anatomy and Physiology will also provide you with a fantastic foundation for your practical study. Including personal practice, self-study and 11 contact days with us at the studio, this course will be comprised of around 370 hours.

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Yoga Teacher Training Course

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